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El Nido auf der Insel Palawan, Bild: R.M. Nunes / shutterstock

Cheap holidays in Southeast Asia

Even if it doesn’t sound like it at first, because the region is so far away from Germany – but in Southeast Asia you can take a very good vacation. You don’t have to do without anything, neither a nice accommodation, nor the sunny beach and on top of that you get exotic cities and really delicious Asian food. Best of all, it doesn’t feel like a low-budget vacation here. Because in many Asian countries it is possible to rent luxurious accommodation for little money and receive excellent service. In short: In Southeast Asia you can experience a true dream vacation for little money.

Round trip in the Philippines

The Philippines has been one of the trend destinations for several years. This archipelago in the Indian Ocean consists of more than 7100 islands. Many beaches are waiting for the holiday-hungry here. A Philippines round trip is particularly popular with tourists. Because within a few days, many sights of the archipelago can be discovered. There are hardly any communication problems here. Because the Philippines was once an American colony, the second official language here is English. The months of January to May are recommended as a travel time for the Philippines. This is because the rainy season in the region is from June to October. The months of March to May are particularly beautiful in the Philippines – but you also have to expect temperatures of around 35 degrees.

Southeast Asia – not only for families, but also for backpackers

If you want to discover the “inner beauty” of Southeast Asia, you can also travel to the region, which stretches across several countries, as a backpacker. Because the Philippines and Southeast Asia is much more than just a holiday region for people who would like to enjoy beach life or are planning a family holiday. Even solo travelers or small groups can save a lot of money on a Southeast Asia trip. Especially as a backpacker. There are many accommodation options that are very cheap and designed to stay only one night in the place. The food is also very cheap. The cost of living is very low compared to Germany throughout Southeast Asia.

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