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West Virginia State Capitol in Charleston, Bild: Sean Pavone / shutterstock

Charleston in South Carolina – Pure Southern Romance

The beautiful city of Charleston can look back on an eventful history and still impresses today with its well-preserved historic city center. Charleston was once considered the metropolis of the southern states and was of great importance to the region both economically and socially. Charleston was founded in 1670 and is therefore relatively old by American standards. This is also reflected in the many magnificent buildings that bear witness to times long past and give you the feeling of being in another era. Due to the abundance of sights in and around Charleston, a stay of several days is worthwhile.

Fort Sumter – a fascinating place for history buffs

One of Charleston’s most interesting and well-known sights is undoubtedly Fort Sumter, located on an artificial island in front of the city. Its historical significance is due to the fact that it was the scene of the first acts of war in the American Civil War. This enormously important fort for Charleston has existed since 1861 and is now open to interested guests of the city. In addition to a visitor center, there is also a very attractively designed museum on the grounds of the fort, in which the history of the fort is conveyed very vividly. A visit to the fort is only possible by boat from Charleston and for this reason a nice excursion where history and sightseeing can be combined very well. Another fort in the Charleston area is Fort Moultrie, which is no less worth seeing, which can be easily visited via a visitor center on the mainland, which is also responsible for Fort Sumter.

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Fort Moultrie impresses above all with a collection of 17 historic cannons on display there, which is unique in this form. Furthermore, the museum of the site, which is located in the visitor center, is also dedicated to the importance that Fort Moultrie had during the time of the slave trade. About 40 percent of all slaves deported from Africa to America arrived via this fort.

Fascinating Buildings Everywhere You Look – Downtown Charleston

Charleston, South Carolina
The French Quarter in Charleston, Image: Sean Pavone / shutterstock

The entire urban area of Charleston is characterized by historic buildings. In particular, the area around King Street to the bustling Church Street and Meeting Street impresses with architectural highlights and gives visitors an impression of how picturesque and magnificent Charleston must have once been. But even today, much of the splendour of days gone by can still be seen, which is why long walks through Charleston are highly recommended. Some of Charleston’s historic homes can even be visited. The Nathaniel Russell House, for example, is very interesting and exciting. but there is also a lot to discover in the Aiken-Rhett House and the Denmark Vesey House.

A stroll through Charleston should also include a detour to the beautiful Waterfront Park right on the water. Because in this beautiful park, after a walk through Charleston, you can recharge your batteries and relax in a pleasant atmosphere.

Charleston’s history is inextricably linked to the slaves of the nearby plantations

An inglorious chapter of American history, slavery, has left its mark on Charleston. Around Charleston there are some former plantations that can be visited. In addition to insights into the history of cotton cultivation, a trip to one of the plantations also allows you to deal with the history of slavery in North America. There are some properties, such as the McLeod Plantation Historic Site, on whose grounds the very simple and often inhumane dwellings of the slaves are still preserved. Also worth seeing are the Drayton Hall plantations, which was founded in 1738, and Middleton Place, which is something special due to its beautifully landscaped gardens.

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The oldest museum in North America is located in Charleston

View of Charleston, Downtown
View of Charleston, Downtown, Image: Kevin Ruck / shutterstock

With a long history, it’s no surprise that Charleston, South Carolina , is home to the oldest museum in the United States. Although the Charleston Museum was founded in 1773, it has only been open to the public since 1824. In two historic buildings, the Heyward-Washington House from the late 18th century and the Joseph Manigault House from the early 19th century, the popular museum welcomes its guests. The Joseph Manigault House, in particular, presents itself as a typical Southern building and offers an extensive collection of English, American and French furniture, most of which were created around 1900.

At the South Carolina Aquarium, the nature of the region is tangible

In addition to the city’s many historic landmarks, Charleston is also home to the renowned South Carolina Aquarium, home to many local fish and other animals. This very interestingly designed aquarium is a good tip, especially if you are traveling with children.

Thanks to its proximity to the Atlantic Ocean, there are several beaches in the immediate vicinity of Charleston that are worth visiting. One of these beaches is Folly Beach, which stands out for its spaciousness and is perfect for swimming and simply having a nice day at the beach. Due to its nature, this beach is also a popular meeting place for surfers.

Experiencing something in Charleston is not difficult. Because there is always a lot going on in the lively southern metropolis. To understand what makes the city tick,
a walk through the Battery Park Market, which takes place on Saturdays and Sundays, is highly recommended. In addition to local handicrafts, all food trucks are represented on site, offering outstanding southern specialties.