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Das malerische Cala Figuera, Bild: vulcano / shutterstock

Cala Figuera – One of the most beautiful places in Mallorca

Many travelers have long since established that Mallorca is of course much more than sightseeing in Las Palmas or party vacations at the notorious Ballermann. The island offers a variety of beautiful corners, which are not only known for their great beaches and the sea, but also for the possibilities of recreation and other forms of island discovery. When looking for the most beautiful places on the Balearic island, Cala Figuera should definitely be mentioned. The picturesque little fishing village has become an insider tip among holidaymakers in Mallorca – and for a variety of reasons.

The dream for a holiday in a holiday apartment

Cala Figuera actually had its peak of tourism in the 1990s. Numerous hotels were built here to accommodate the many guests. In the meantime, however, the small town has changed and many of the hotels have disappeared. Instead, in recent years, a wide selection of holiday homes and apartments has been created, which allow a self-sufficient and flexible holiday in Mallorca, which you can spend according to your own wishes and free of meal times or regulations for the pool.

Even the arrival in the small port town is a small highlight. The harbour itself is laid out like a fjord and greets you with wonderful blue water, there are many fig trees in the town itself and the colourful facades fit perfectly into the peace and quiet that is omnipresent here. Cala Figuera has the advantage of not being hectic and when the fishermen are not unloading their catch, even here you will only see a few people enjoying the panorama or taking one of the boats for an excursion nearby.

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The fact that you always have the feeling that time has stood still here is of course part of the charm. At the harbour you can buy fresh fish directly from the fishermen or you can go to one of the restaurants, which are usually passed down from generation to generation and which specialise in Spanish cuisine, but of course especially seafood. You can’t really eat the fish fresher in Mallorca.

Beautiful nature invites you to hikes and excursions

If you follow the two arms of the natural bay, you will come across many small hiking trails that are used not only by tourists but also by locals. Palma is a good 60 kilometers away and you can see that because the rush to the many small beaches and bays nearby is much less than in the rest of the island. Of course, you also have the opportunity to just lie down and cool off with a dip in the sea or simply relax on the beach while listening to the waves. Some beaches offer classics of bathing fun and if in doubt, you can even rent a jet ski and drive a bit along the coastline.

Canal Cala Figuera
Boats in Cala Figuera, Image: Allard One / shutterstock

Although there are no classic sights or medieval buildings to see in the city itself, nature is a good reason if you are simply looking for a bit of peace and quiet on holiday and opportunities for relaxation. There is a lot to discover along the cliffs, especially by bike, and the route is ideal for discovering many other small coastal towns nearby, where tourists are still a rarity – even in Mallorca.

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If you want to experience a little more, you should get a rental car and explore the island on your own. Palma is about an hour’s drive away and most of the island’s other sights can also be explored quite quickly from Cala Figuera. Tours in the countryside are rarely offered in the town, so you should use the possibilities on the Internet to search for yourself and start the trips with the tourist groups in one of the larger towns.

What is quite possible in Cala Figuera, however, is to explore the island from the water side. In recent years, many providers have made a name for themselves here, offering tours by boat and either heading for other places on the island or simply offering a day at sea, a visit to hidden bays with beautiful beaches and appropriate supplies during the excursion.

Timely reservation is mandatory in Cala Figuera

The resources for overnight stays in Cala Figuera are rather limited, as most of the larger hotels can no longer be found in the village. Therefore, it is important to deal with a possible trip to the town in good time. As a rule, it is mainly holiday homes and apartments that are offered here and especially during the season, these options are popular and reserved accordingly quickly.

Of course, there is nothing to prevent you from exploring the place on your own when you are on holiday outside Cala Figuera. A visit by rental car is also possible here to see the beautiful harbour town for yourself.