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Der Leuchtturm von Colonia Sant Jordi, Danieldiezz / shutterstock

Colónia de Sant Jordi – Sand and sun at the southern tip of Mallorca

The further south you drive in the east of Mallorca, the drier the wide and flat country becomes. But numerous fjords with picturesque bays invite you to take a fabulous break by the almost Caribbean turquoise sea. This is where Colónia de Sant Jordi is located. The “colony” – a holiday resort with a pretty marina – is surrounded by beautiful beaches. With its wide coves, Colónia de Sant Jordi is the ideal place for beach enthusiasts.

Now that you’ve really got into the mood, you want to float forever through the lonely landscapes of the south. Here, Mallorca is still a bit as it once was. Even the sun seems to shine a little brighter here than elsewhere – and that’s not just because of the glistening white of the nearby salt flats.

Island feeling and coastal magic

Colonia de Sant Jordi
View of Colonia de Sant Jordi, Image: Video Media Studio Europe / shutterstock

Superb beaches, salty lakes and the island paradise of Cabrera on your doorstep; a nice coastal promenade with restaurants and cafés and a lively harbour from which boats depart for the Archipiélago de Cabrera – boredom is certainly not an option in Colónia de Sant Jordi.

When entering the village, you should not be deceived by the faceless cityscape. Dreamlike, almost unspoilt beaches that are not overcrowded even in the high season make the place a paradise for sun worshippers and water rats. From the small colorful harbor, you can walk to the beautiful beaches of Platja els Dols, and the dream beaches of Ses Roquetes and Es Carbo, further southeast. Some linger for a while at the romantic harbour with its palm-fringed pedestrian zone. Instead of ostentatious yachts, fishing boats bob in the bay – they are a real eye-catcher.

To the west of Colónia de Sant Jordi is one of the most popular beaches on the island. Es Trenc is a fine sandy beach pleasure over a length of five kilometres. There are no hotel towers in the background, but dunes and Aleppo pines line this stretch of coast.

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The islands of Cabrera belong to nature: but visitors are welcome! The main island of Cabrera is a beautiful swimming and hiking destination. A steep path leads from the harbour up to the castle, which once served as barracks and prison for Napoleonic soldiers. Down at the bay there are tiny stretches of beach. The Cabrera Archipelago can be visited by boat from Colónia de Sant Jordi. The crossing takes about 45 minutes.

Worth seeing – at a glance

  • At the harbour and along the promenade, Colónia de Sant Jordi shows its most beautiful side. The promenade leads along the flat rocky coast over a wooden footbridge. In the harbour bay there is a small beach, cafés and fish restaurants.
  • Attractive natural beaches flank the town. Mallorca’s dream beach, the Platja de Trenc, joins the Platja Estanys to the west.
  • You should also not miss a tour of the large botanical garden at Ses Salines Santanyi . The Botanicactus is home to numerous cacti and a wetland with Mediterranean plant species on 15 hectares.
  • Cabrera: Once a pirate’s hideout, visitors can now approach the island safely. A visit to the idiosyncratic visitor center Centro de Vistiantes Parque Nacional de Cabrera is definitely worthwhile. The main attraction is a huge seawater aquarium.

Active in Colónia de Sant Jordi – enchanting and excitingly beautiful

Would you like to take a look through the shop window into the underwater world of Cabrera? It’s very easy. To do this, visitors dive into the saltwater aquarium with a panorama lift and look the barracudas in the eye. Then it goes up to the observation tower. Just don’t dive up too quickly: On the way, it’s worth taking a look at the maritime wall mosaic – murals that depict the settlement history of the Mediterranean region. Finally, the upper platform offers a wonderful view.

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Attention water sports enthusiasts! At Platja Estanys you can go sailing, surfing and water skiing.

Hikers also get their money’s worth. Then a walk to the Cap de ses Salines is on the program. Along the beach you can reach the southern tip of Mallorca, past old bunkers and sandy coves. After a more or less long walk, you can enjoy a solitude in the immediate vicinity of the sea, which is quite unusual for Mallorca.

Known? Colónia de Sant Jordi is mainly attracted by tourists from Switzerland. Many hotels and accommodations are run by Swiss nationals. A debauched nightlife like in Magaluf or S’Arenal is therefore not to be expected.

The most beautiful destinations in the area

Capocorb Vell, Mallorca
Capocorb Vell, Image: Karel Gallas / shutterstock

A trip to Capocorb Vell, the most important Talayotic settlement in the western Mediterranean, is worthwhile. It was probably built until the 3. and 4th century.

In the direction of Campos there are many windmills that once pumped water for the fields. Ses Salines de Levant are salt lakes with typical white crystal heaps. Occasionally you can see flamingos there.

And in Banys de Sant Joan are the only thermal springs on the island. The small spa hotel dates back to 1842. It is also accessible to day visitors.

Where it tastes best

  • “Port-Blau” stands out as a classically elegant fish restaurant on the harbour promenade, while Sal de Coco attracts visitors with creative and tasteful Mallorca cuisine. In addition, the terrace offers the perfect harbour view. The name of the restaurant refers to the salt residues that can be found in rock hollows by the sea.
  • Tambucho – this bar is cult: During the day, it’s mostly the locals who sip their coffee here. But in the evening, the team of the harbour bar is in top form, serving great cocktails and fine tapas. Music from pop to independent to flamenco is often presented live.
  • Probably the most famous fish restaurant on the island is Casa Manolo. Here people appreciate the freshness of the sea. There are regulars who swear that Manolo is the best tapas on the island.