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Port de Plaisance Bonifacio, Bild: Pecold / shutterstock

Bonifacio: The tourist heart of Corsica

Fantastic beaches, crystal clear water, exciting sights: If you are traveling in Corsica , you can’t miss Bonifacio. After all, the small town at the southern tip is the tourist and cultural center of the French Mediterranean island. And the port city, beautifully situated on a headland, actually has something to offer for every holidaymaker – both for beach holidaymakers, nature lovers or for fans of historic buildings. The entire region makes up the nature reserve of Bouches de Bonifacio. The 80,000-hectare area offers an incredible variety of animals and plants and is the largest nature reserve in France.

The port: the most beautiful corner of the island

Those who head for the port of Bonifacio by boat are greeted by an extremely spectacular sight. After all, the city is located 60 meters above sea level and is almost majestically enthroned on white chalk cliffs that rise from the Mediterranean Sea. Here you should always have your camera ready to capture the impressive impressions. In general, the harbour, which is sheltered in a long fjord, is the main attraction of Bonifacio. It is not for nothing that the port area is considered one of the most beautiful corners of the Mediterranean. The port has four quays. Excursion boats can be found here as well as large and luxurious yachts. There is always a lot of activity on the south side of the harbour area – both during the day and at night. Here, in the most popular area of the region, there are many small shops as well as numerous restaurants and bars. On the north side of the harbour, on the other hand, things are a little quieter. Among other things, numerous water sports can be found here.

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Historic Old Town: Historic buildings worth seeing and short distances

Bonifacio in COrsica
Bonifacio, Image: Stéphane Bidouze / shutterstock

To get to know the town of Bonifacio, it is worth taking an extensive stroll through the historic old town with its many narrow streets and numerous buildings worth seeing. In addition, many small shops and cafés can be found in the old town. Short distances between the individual sights of the city are guaranteed in any case. The churches of Saint-Erasme and Sainte-Marie Majeure and the Porte de Gênes, among others, are extremely worth seeing. The city gate with a drawbridge, the access to the citadel, which is well worth seeing, belongs to the still well-preserved fortress, which can be visited at any time. From the fortress you also have a great overview of the island and the entire Mediterranean region. You can follow in the footsteps of the past on the Escalier du Roi d’Aragon, the staircase of the King of Aragon. With a total of 187 steps, this is considered the most famous sight in the city. From the market square in the center of Bonifacio, you also have a really great view of the entire Mediterranean region.

Dream beaches: Great conditions for beach vacationers and water sports enthusiasts

Of course, beach vacationers in Bonifacio also get their money’s worth. The white sandy beaches of the town are among the most popular Mediterranean beaches. The beach of Tonnara is particularly popular, which is especially popular with families with children. The beach of Santa Manza and Maora also attracts tens of thousands of tourists and locals every year. The beaches are not only a real paradise for beach vacationers, they also offer perfect conditions for water sports enthusiasts from all over the world.

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Excursions: Spectacular cliff path and beautiful monastery

Bonifacio is a popular starting point for excursions in the region. From the harbour you can explore the Mediterranean Sea and the rich flora and fauna by boat. Among other things, small and large tours through the numerous grottos and caves are offered on site. Another popular destination in the region is the Phare de Pertusato. The 100-metre-high lighthouse is also the southernmost point in Corsica. A real highlight for tourists is also the Vue sur Bonifacio. The hiking trail leads directly along the cliffs and offers a spectacular view over the entire Mediterranean region. A very popular destination is also the Hermitage de la Trinité. The well-preserved small monastery in the middle of a beautiful rocky world is located about eight kilometers from Bonifacio.

Best time to visit Bonifacio in July and August

Bonifacio is an extremely popular destination for holidaymakers from all over Europe, especially in the summer months. The region is known worldwide for its mild climate with pleasant temperatures. The warmest months are July and August. During these months, only small amounts of precipitation are to be expected. On the other hand, if you like it a little quieter and cooler, you should take a holiday in Bonifacio in the spring months from April to June. Here, among other things, fans of flowering plants and forests get their money’s worth