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Mit einer Reiseversicherung auf der sicheren Seite, Bild: janews / shutterstock

Why does it make sense to take out travel insurance?

A trip can pursue different goals: a relaxing time after months or years of work, where rest and distraction from everyday stress play an important role. In this case, it’s about a longed-for added value. Or for professional reasons, where it may be a matter of acquiring new customers or processing new contracts. There are economic reasons behind it, such as the expansion of a company. In this case, it is especially important that everything goes without unpleasant interruptions.

Longed-for added value: relaxation and distraction

After a long period of hard work, the desired vacation finally arrives. The money for this was saved up over several months or even years to finally treat themselves to the dream trip. Everything is already booked: the flight, the hotel in half or full board, a rental car or a few excursions … the suitcases are already packed and off we go.

You hardly expect something to go wrong, because everything has been planned in detail! Thus, the anticipation of the holiday and the expectations of the forthcoming happiness are very high.

However, this feeling of happiness can be disturbed by various incidents and the dream of a relaxing holiday soon comes to an end.

What can interrupt the happiness of a dream trip?

The departure is delayed for hours. Thus, not only is the arrival at the destination delayed, but the stay at the holiday destination is shortened.

When they arrive at their destination, the waiting time for the suitcases begins. This time can be delayed suddenly, unexpectedly. The luggage is accidentally mixed up or taken somewhere else. Sometimes it is even lost altogether, apart from a possible theft. In this case, a complaint must be created and forms must be filled out. Instead of going directly to the hotel, we spend more time than desired at the airport.

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These are all time robbers who interrupt a vacation at short notice and put you in a bad mood. Unfortunately, it happens more often.

Travel insurance, for example from the renowned provider Europ Assistance , can include the delay of a flight and the loss of luggage and thus cover it.

Overbooking in the reserved hotel

If the holiday trip takes place in the high season, it can happen that we arrive at the hotel and do not get a room despite a paid reservation. How can something like this happen?

Many hotels risk accepting more room reservations than they really have available. Because they expect that not all tourists will start their trip and really show up in the booked time. This is because last-minute cancellations are more common and the accommodations do not want to have empty rooms and thus lose money. That’s a big risk that doesn’t always go well. In the end, tourists who arrive and don’t get a room suffer from it. You will then be accommodated in another hotel for a few days.

Of course, the few days in another hotel must also be paid for. Who bears the costs in such cases? The holidaymakers.

However, if you have previously taken out travel insurance and included this option in the insurance, the insurance will pay for it. In most cases, the guest gets a refund. Therefore, it is important to always keep all invoices.

Accidents at the holiday destination

Of course, no one expects to be subject to an accident or illness during the holiday season. Unfortunately, however, these also occur more often than we would like. Here are some examples of what make up the most accidents during a stay:


Depending on the time of year or where you are flying, it can lead to an unpleasant sunburn. As a tourist, you are often not aware of how strong the influence of the sun really is on your body. The sun’s rays also come through the clouds! The irradiation should not be underestimated. It is therefore particularly advisable to take precautions with an appropriate sunscreen, which is applied regularly, even if you would like to come home tanned after your holiday.

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Here it is advisable to take special care to avoid sunburn and the resulting medical costs. This is because travel insurance companies always ask for a doctor’s report and a diagnosis. This is because sunburn and accidents caused under the influence of alcohol are usually excluded from insurance. This information is particularly important and should always be heeded!

Ear infection and urine infection

If the holiday resort is located in the south during a warm season, the pools are very popular and a swim is very refreshing. Swimming pools contain a lot of bacteria, which are not always removed immediately despite the chlorine content.

The water from the basin gets into the ears and inflammation occurs in many cases. The resulting earache is very unpleasant and should not be underestimated. This can be avoided if you go into the pool with earplugs. If an ear infection does occur, it is advisable to consult a doctor. This is because you should not take a return flight with a middle ear infection, as the pressure caused by the difference in altitude can have a negative effect on the eardrum.

Visiting a doctor during your vacation is unpleasant enough. This does not have to be supported by an invoice. Travel insurance can cover these costs.

The same applies to a urine infection if you stay in the pool for a longer period of time.

Other accidents

Slipping next to the pool or in the bathtub and breaking a leg or arm is also common and leads to high hospital costs.

It can also lead to a gastrointestinal upset if the holiday destination offers different meals than you are used to.

That’s why travel insurance should always be considered.