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Die Skyline von Macau, Bild: ESB Professional / shutterstock

Top 7 Vacation Destinations for Poker Players

Online poker is a great invention that brings together millions of people from all over the world to bluff, raise and make profits at any time and place. If you’re one of those people who stays up in front of your computer screen until the wee hours of the morning, you’ve probably thought about taking your poker passion outside of your living room.

If playing against someone on the other side of the world is part of what attracted you to
online poker
in the first place, why not combine the love of meeting new people, traveling, and playing poker by booking a fantastic poker vacation?

1. Las Vegas, Nevada | United States

Las Vegas, The Strip
THE STRIP in Las Vegas at night, Image: Philip Bird LRPS CPAGB / shutterstock

At the top of our list is the unique Las Vegas. Located in the American state of Nevada, this is the poker vacation you can only dream of. With over 32 casinos on the Las Vegas Strip and many more in the surrounding streets, you have a wide range of tables to choose from.

Binions Casino is a great place for beginners with tables starting at $2 and $4, while the pros out there will love “Bobby’s Room” at Bellagio, one of the best casinos in the world, which offers a range of high-limit games. Aside from poker, Las Vegas is quite simply one of the most incredible places in the world – as surreal as it is captivating.

2. Paradise Island, New Providence | Bahamas

If you want to play in front of one of the most beautiful backdrops in the world, look no further than Paradise Island in New Providence, Bahamas. This island is home to the world-famous Atlantis Casino, where Poker Star’s Caribbean Adventure takes place.

This casino offers you three poker variants, including Five Card, Three Card Progressive, and Ultimate Texas Hold’em Poker. If you’re taking your family with you, there are a whole host of water parks, nightly entertainment, and fantastic beaches to give you a well-deserved break from poker. There’s not much better than the combination of sun, sand, and serious poker!

3. Monte Carlo | Monaco

Monte Carlo – the original home of upscale gambling and perhaps the most glamorous place in the world. Whether you’re interested in the history of casinos or just a big Bond fan, this is where it all started. The iconic Monte Carlo Casino is a fantastic place for a poker holiday, as not only does it host the annual Grand Final of the European Poker Tour, but it also has a wide range of poker tables to suit all budgets.

The city itself offers a wealth of attractions that make a great poker vacation even better. Watch a Formula 1 race, stroll through the charming, money-drenched streets, or try one of Monaco’s many beaches and world-famous restaurants.

4. Macau | China

Those of you looking for a truly once-in-a-lifetime poker holiday should book your next flight to the Macau region of China. Dubbed the next Vegas, this place has become so popular that PokerStars has included it in its Asian Pacific Poker Tour.

There are plenty of casinos and poker rooms to choose from (most notably the Venetian), but the best action can be found at Casino Babylon and Casino Macau Palace, which offer a good selection of limits. This is an ideal poker holiday for the adventurous gambler who wants to visit an up-and-coming center of worldwide gambling.

5. Los Angeles, California | United States

Los Angeles, Hollywood Sign
The world-famous Hollywood sign Hollywood Sign, Image: Ingus Kruklitis / shutterstock

A poker vacation in the Californian city of Los Angeles combines Hollywood glamour, sun-drenched beaches and good, old-fashioned gambling. A special mention deserves Commerce Casino, supposedly the “largest poker casino in the world” with over 240 card tables to choose from.

If you’re looking to recover from the filth after successfully turning your online poker skills into cash, you’ll find the best there is in the shops on Rodeo Drive. If success fails to materialize, there’s still plenty to do: take the kids to Disneyland, enjoy some of the best surf spots in the world, and visit the Hollywood Walk of Fame to see some celebrity stars.

6. Barcelona, Catalonia | Spain

A poker holiday in Barcelona offers the perfect mix of great culture and impressive gambling opportunities. Try El Casino de Barcelona, which hosts the EPT at the end of August and has an excellent selection of poker tables, as well as a range of other card and slot games for your enjoyment.

Barcelona is a great place for a family holiday, where your loved ones will have the opportunity to enjoy wonderful art, majestic architecture and some of the best food in Europe.

7. San Jose, San Jose | Costa Rica

For a poker vacation in South America, you should head to San Jose, the capital of Costa Rica where most of the country’s casinos are located. The city used to be one of the main stops on the Latin American Poker Tour, and nearby Playa Conchal offers some of the best gambling opportunities in the country.

Hotel Del Rey has a great poker atmosphere, perfect for a game night after a day exploring Costa Rica’s beaches, rainforest and laid-back culture that makes the country so popular.