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Stockmaterial für den eigenen Reisekanal verwenden, Bild: Kitreel / shutterstock

Stock video material for your own travel Instagram channel

Social networks have become part of people’s lives and are gaining more and more influence. Many choose to use social media platforms to talk about cooking, fashion, literature, and other topics.

The goal is to gain followers and thus build up a whole community, because if you have a lot of followers, you increase your chances of being discovered as an influencer and may be able to earn some extra money with various assignments.

In this article, we will use a travel Instagram channel to explain how the probability of becoming successful can be increased with stock video material.

What are the benefits of stock videos?

Using stock videos is beneficial for a variety of reasons, and when used correctly, it can drastically improve the potential of social media profiles. The high quality is only one factor that speaks in favor of its use.

Videographers often have a knack for properly staging the captured motifs. So, the videos are not only qualitative but also offer unique perspectives on the things in the video.

In addition, millions of stock videos are available and can be used free of charge with providers such as Videvo . Of course, there is also the option of purchasing premium videos, which are usually used less often.

At the same time, this means that they are used less frequently and are therefore not as widespread. This fact increases the chances of creating unique content.

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3 tips for making better use of stock videos

Many users are unsure how stock videos can be used and whether they can also be edited. There are basically hardly any limits to the use of stock videos, so they can be used without any problems.

Use on Instagram and other social media channels is also possible, but should always be planned carefully. In the worst case, unplanned use without a strategic approach can lead to followers no longer following the travel channel.

It is therefore important to consider a few factors when using them and, in the best case, even to develop a strategy on how to embed stock videos in marketing.

#1 Connect stock videos & your own recordings

Even today, some Instagram users believe that they can become successful with stock videos alone. However, this is only the case in the rarest of cases, because sooner or later the followers will notice this.

They start to wonder how authentic the user is and whether there aren’t channels that give better and individual content with a good dose of personality. People are always looking for things they feel connected to, they want to recognize themselves.

With a profile that is exclusively populated with stock videos, the personal touch of the creator is often quickly lost and visitors lose interest. It is therefore always better to combine the stock videos with your own shots.

#2 Choose a design and stick to it

Opt for videos from stock archives that have the same or similar style and stick to that style. Many stock media creators publish entire series that you can access again and again to publish new videos.

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In this way, you have the opportunity to create recognition value and are more likely to always appeal to the same audience. If, on the other hand, other videos are always used that have nothing in common, the risk is taken that the style will not be liked by the followers.

You can also edit the videos to increase recognition. Embed your logo or use color schemes that are incorporated into all videos. Editing stock videos is usually very easy and can also be done by laymen.

#3 Use hashtags

Hashtags are a great choice for reaching even more potential followers. Tag each published video with appropriate hashtags. Instagram also gives you the option of specifying #Hashtags in your profile to which you would like to link your profile.

Don’t use too many hashtags, rather opt for a small selection that specifically addresses your audience. In addition, make notes of which hashtags have drawn the attention of a particularly large number of users to your videos.