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Mit der richtigen Planung wird der Skiurlaub mit Kindern zum Erfolg. Bild: gorillaimages / shutterstock

Skiing holidays with children: how to make fun in the snow a success

A skiing holiday with children can be a great experience. But you shouldn’t start it completely unprepared. If you want to enjoy the holiday fun in a relaxed way, you should consider a few things:

Good planning is key!

If you are travelling with children, you should plan particularly well, because this is the best way to avoid the holiday killer stress. This also and especially applies to ski holidays. Planning should be started well in advance. The more time is available, the better everything can be thought through, decided and organized.

A suitable holiday destination can be chosen at your leisure and information about the conditions and possibilities on site can be obtained. This also leaves enough time to provide suitable clothing and equipment. Also part of good planning: a packing list. Especially shortly before departure, things can get hectic again. If you then have to think about what is needed, you will quickly forget something. And if this is perhaps the offspring’s favorite cuddly toy, of all things, which should not be missing when falling asleep, the vacation begins with a drama.

The right ski area for a family holiday

Ski equipment children
The right ski equipment is an important point of holiday planning, Image: FamVeld / shutterstock

Anyone who believes that all ski resorts are ultimately the same and that as long as there is only snow, nothing can go wrong, runs the risk of returning from vacation frustrated and disappointed. Just as you would hardly choose the “Ballermann” on a beach holiday with children, you should also check where to go on a skiing holiday.

Ski resorts, like other holiday resorts, often differ significantly in their orientation and offers. Sleepless nights due to loud après-ski parties or bored, whining children because there is a lack of child-friendly entertainment quickly turn the holiday into a nightmare. So where to go on a skiing holiday with the children is one of the most important decisions for a nice stay. Fortunately, there are plenty of family-friendly ski resorts that also have a lot to offer young visitors.

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Both small and large ski resorts can be the trump card. In the small areas, things are often more familiar and clearer. Large areas, on the other hand, usually attract with a variety of care and entertainment options. Some have a special children’s area and have their own mascots. In any case, there should be practice areas and slopes suitable for children.

A price comparison can also be worthwhile when choosing the right ski area. There are special discounts for families with children in some places. For example, ski passes or ski rental are often free of charge up to a certain age.

When booking the hotel, attention should also be paid to child-friendliness, e.g. when eating.

Holiday activities: varied instead of monotonous

Tobogganing Winter holiday
Other activities such as tobogganing provide the necessary variety, Image: FamVeld / shutterstock

Children get bored quickly and do not always have the physical stamina for a holiday that consists only of skiing. Therefore, it is advisable to plan enough other, varied activities. Of course, everything that has to do with snow is a good idea. Tobogganing, building snowmen or a horse-drawn sleigh ride complete the skiing pleasure. But it can also be warm and cozy. How about an afternoon of board games or a visit to the swimming pool, for example?

Skiing with children: this is how it works

Basically, good clothing is important for a holiday with cold and snow. It should be warm, waterproof and functional. Wet clothes and cold not only spoil the fun, but are also not exactly beneficial to health. In addition to snow pants or snowsuits, long thermal underwear is recommended.

Gloves and warm, waterproof shoes should also not be missing. Having suitable ski equipment is not only a question of convenience, but also of safety. Since children grow quickly, renting skis locally can be a sensible alternative to buying. Either way, good advice should be given by the shop or rental company. In principle, similar requirements apply to children’s skis as to adults. The skis should be waisted, as this shape is easier to turn. The more inexperienced the child is in skiing, the shorter the skis should be.

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A well-fitting ski boot that offers stable support is very important. Shoes that are too large increase the risk of injury, while shoes that are too small quickly lead to painful pressure points. The bond should be well adjusted and the child should be able to open and close it independently.
Ski socks are highly recommended, as they not only keep you warm, but can also prevent pressure points thanks to special reinforcements. For skiing, slightly thinner gloves with grip are useful. Ski goggles should also not be missing. An absolute must is the ski helmet. It is mandatory for children and essential as protection against head injuries. By the way, helmets are often available free of charge in ski rentals.

Before you really start skiing, a visit to a ski school can be quite helpful and sometimes also very fun. For children up to about three years of age, however, this still makes little sense. At about five years of age, however, driving curves can already be learned. With increasing age, it becomes more sporty and the first jumps can be attempted.

However, children should not be forced to do anything. Playful practice and fun should always be in the foreground so that the skiing holiday is a pleasure for everyone!