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Günstige Urlaubsziele 2019, Bild: Denis Belitsky / shutterstock

Cheap holiday destinations: These will be the trends in 2020

When planning your own holidays, of course, you always pay attention to the money. With a cheap booking, there is more budget left over for the actual time in distant countries. While the classics will continue to be available in 2020, there are cheap holiday destinations all over the world. Even with a clear budget, interesting countries can be discovered.

Germans still prefer to go far away on their holidays. It is not for nothing that we are considered the most travel-loving nation in Europe. You have a wide choice of different destinations all over the world. In the end, however, it is not only the desire to travel that decides, but also the price for flight, hotel and stay in a foreign country. While Europe knows how to lure with classic destinations, destinations all over the world have developed into cheap alternatives in recent years. So good destinations for summer holidays 2020 can be found everywhere.

The classics: How cheap are the most popular holiday destinations?

Spain, Mallorca
In addition to the well-known tourist resorts, Mallorca also has many picturesque bays to find, Image: vulcano / shutterstock

Traditionally, German holidaymakers are mainly drawn to destinations throughout Europe. Maybe you are one of those who want to experience summer, sun and beach, but don’t want to sit on a plane for hours. In addition, it is true that the various countries in Europe also offer an interesting insight into foreign cultures and sharpen the understanding of the neighboring countries, which can be heard about again and again in the news. Spain is still the most popular destination in Europe. In fact, however, prices have risen here in recent years. Mallorca, Ibiza and the other Spanish islands are still cheap to reach, but prices are rising, especially on the mainland.

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Alternatives to rising Spanish prices can be found throughout Europe. Greece , for example, is still perhaps one of the most interesting destinations in Europe. Both the mainland with cities such as Athens and the Greek islands such as Mykonos or Crete are represented with good offers for package tours in 2020. In addition, the price level here is still quite low. Greece is therefore becoming a good alternative for Spanish destinations. The same principle applies to Turkey. The political situation in the country has caused prices to drop significantly and makes the country the tip of all in the trend for holiday destinations in 2020.

Trends and new destinations in Europe in 2020

In addition to the classics such as Greece, Spain, Italy or Turkey , many countries have developed into insider tips for travelers in recent years, especially in Europe. It is the Eastern European countries that attract with good prices, warm hospitality and great offers:


The land of a thousand islands – Croatia has recently appeared on the map of many holidaymakers. Not only does it offer a magnificent coastline and an impressive country. Above all, prices are still at a fairly low level. The development of tourism has only just begun and offers direct insight into a completely new culture.


Bulgaria was already one of the most popular travel destinations at the time of the GDR. For the period of upheaval after the end of the Soviet Union, however, it had disappeared for a while. Now tourism on the Black Sea has reached its new peak. Great hotels and a unique country offer holidaymakers everything they could wish for for their summer holiday in 2020.

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In order to escape high prices, it can be worthwhile to refrain from the typical travel destinations and discover new countries instead. There are many alternatives, especially in Eastern Europe.

The cheapest travel destinations outside Europe in 2020

Egypt, Sea
Egypt is suitable as a holiday destination for swimming all year round, Image: eFesenko / shutterstock

Of course, you don’t necessarily have to stay in Europe. Some holidaymakers are drawn to faraway places. Here, too, there have been some changes in recent years. For a long time, only Egypt, Thailand and the Dominican Republic were at the top of the list of low prices and good hotels. Morocco and Tunisia are special tips for the next few years. Here, a lot of work has been done on the tourist infrastructure, the countries offer a completely new culture and a great change from the well-known destinations. If you book early enough, you will get good value for money here.

When it comes to holiday destinations in 2020, it is also worth taking a look at a country that is not necessarily on the typical list of German holidaymakers: Israel. Haifa and Tel Aviv are popular destinations, as is Jerusalem . Especially here in summer there is a completely new picture. Big advantage: So far, not many European tourists have found their way to the country on the Mediterranean.

Germany also has very beautiful sides

Home is where you are understood. Of course, this saying also applies to planning your own trip. With all the opportunities in near and far abroad, it should not be forgotten that Germany also offers a variety of attractive destinations. Above all, the variety of possibilities knows how to lure. From camping to city trips to comfort packages on the Baltic Sea or Lake Constance , there is something for every need. So if you don’t necessarily want to wander far away, you can also look around your own front door and find great destinations for your own holiday.

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