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Tipps um für den Traumurlaub zu sparen, Bild: David Franklin / shutterstock

Saving for a big trip – the best tips and tricks

Going on a big trip is a dream of many people. Whether it’s a road trip through the USA, a backpacking tour of Southeast Asia, or a round trip through Europe, such an adventure can create unforgettable memories and shape us forever.

However, there is one major obstacle on the way to this dream trip: money. Often it seems impossible to save enough money for a long trip. But with a few simple tricks and a little discipline, it’s definitely doable! Here are some tips on how to save effectively to fulfill your dream of the big trip.

Why save for a big trip?

There are many reasons why people dream of going on a big trip. Maybe they want to discover new cultures, experience adventures or simply escape from everyday life. A big trip can also be a once-in-a-lifetime chance to relax and gain new perspectives. But no matter what the reason for saving money, it is important that you set realistic goals and have the financial means to do so.

With these tricks, you can

There are many different methods to make saving easier for a big trip. Some of them are:

Save costs in everyday life

An important step in saving money for a big trip is to check your own expenses carefully. Often there are areas in our lives where we unconsciously spend a lot of money.

  • Are you a smoker? Try to reduce smoking or quit altogether – not only for your health, but also to save money. If this is too difficult for you, a heated tobacco device would be a possible alternative to save money, as it is cheaper compared to cigarettes. It is also less harmful to health and more environmentally friendly. Click here for a shop for heated tobacco.
  • Subscriptions or memberships that you do not use regularly can be cancelled and the money saved can go into the travel fund.
  • Costs for coffee or food in restaurants or cafes can be avoided. Preparing your meals at home and taking your own coffee to work can save you a lot of money.
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By being aware of where the money is going and which expenses you can reduce or even eliminate completely, you can already save part of your travel budget.


Create a realistic savings plan. Think about how much money you want to save each month and create a plan accordingly. With an extra account for your trip, you can make sure that the money is really used for this destination. A well-thought-out budget helps to keep an eye on costs and allows you to save effectively.

Set goals and stick to them

The most important thing when it comes to saving is to set realistic goals and stay disciplined. Be aware of what you are saving for and always keep this goal in mind. It can also be helpful to set small intermediate goals regularly to stay motivated and see progress. Through photos or a poster of your desired travel destination , you can always remember what you are saving for and what to expect when you reach your destination.

Create extra income

In addition to saving, you can also earn extra money to get to your destination faster. Consider whether there are opportunities to have a part-time job in addition to your main job or to offer talents and skills that can be used for a fee.

How much should you save?

The amount of the required sum depends of course on the type and duration of the trip. Significantly higher amounts are needed for a long trip around the world than for a short city trip. It is also important to plan for possible unforeseen expenses. As a rule of thumb, save at least twice the estimated amount to be on the safe side.

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With these tricks and a good dose of discipline, you can successfully save up for your big trip. Stick to your goal and don’t be discouraged by small setbacks. With patience and planning, you can soon make your dream come true and experience an unforgettable trip . So, what are you waiting for? Start saving today and set off on new adventures!