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Choosing a rental car provider: What do you have to pay attention to?

On a holiday without your own car, but where you want to stay mobile, rental cars are a great help. Choosing a suitable provider is a crucial travel consideration. Each option has its own merits and pitfalls, which often make the difference between a smooth driving experience and unpleasant surprises. In this article, we’ll take a look at what really matters when choosing a car rental provider.

Important factors when choosing a provider

Especially in popular holiday resorts, there is usually a large selection of different service providers who offer cars for rent. You won’t have the same, problem-free experience with every one of them. That’s why it’s important to find out which provider is the right one before renting.

  • Good sources for this search are trustworthy comparison websites where users can display all providers in their desired location, for example the ADAC car rental website. The helpful thing about such comparisons is that the partner service providers listed there have already been tested by the ADAC for their trustworthiness and quality.

In the comparison, the providers can be evaluated according to the following aspects:

1. Price Structures

Cost is often the first factor travelers consider when choosing a car rental provider. But this is not just about the base price. To avoid hidden fees, it is crucial to carefully compare pricing structures.

● Understand base prices and additional costs

In addition to the basic price, you should be aware of which services are included and what additional costs may be incurred. This may include insurance, additional driver fees, or costs for dropping off at another location.

● Comparison of insurance options

The insurance packages offered can vary greatly. Check what coverage the standard insurance offers and decide if additional insurance is necessary to avoid unexpected costs in the event of a claim .

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● Consideration of mileage limits

Some car rental offers include mileage limits that may result in extra costs if exceeded. Clarify in advance whether your planned route is within the included kilometers to avoid unexpected fees.

A thorough comparison of these pricing structures will allow you to not only find the cheapest rental car, but also identify the best conditions for your specific needs.

2. Vehicle selection

When choosing a car rental provider, choosing the right vehicle is crucial for a satisfying driving experience. In addition, availability at the desired time plays an important role.

● Needs-based selection of vehicle type

Evaluate your individual requirements for the vehicle. Whether you’re travelling with your family, carrying a lot of luggage or prefer a lively ride, choose a car model that suits your needs. Also pay attention to fuel consumption.

● Check availability at the desired time

Plan ahead and check the availability of the desired vehicle for your travel dates. Early booking not only secures your desired vehicle, but often also enables lower rates.

● Consideration of special requests

If you have special requirements such as child seats, navigation systems or vehicles with automatic transmission, make sure that the car rental company offers these extras. Clarify in advance whether there are any costs involved.

Careful vehicle selection and timely booking will not only ensure the comfort you are looking for, but also that you will not be faced with unexpected surprises when picking up the vehicle.

3. Locations

The geographical distribution of the rental car locations as well as the density of the branch network significantly influence the convenience of your rental car use.

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● Convenient pickup and drop-off options

Choose a rental car provider that has locations in strategic locations, especially if you want to return your rental car to a different location. This prevents unnecessary travel and saves time. Proximity to the airport is often particularly practical for being mobile immediately after arrival.

By carefully choosing a car rental provider with a well-developed branch network, you can make your trip more flexible and benefit from a smooth rental process.

4. Booking conditions and cancellation policy

Clarity about the booking conditions and flexibility in case of possible changes are crucial to avoid unpleasant surprises.

● Knowledge of the booking conditions

Before making a final booking, it is essential to check the terms and conditions of the car rental provider. You should pay attention to important points such as mileage limits, fuel regulations and age restrictions. Avoid unpleasant surprises by finding out the exact conditions in advance.

● Cancellation Policy Review

Plan flexibly and check the cancellation policy of the car rental provider. Unforeseen events can affect travel plans, and it’s important to know how flexible you can be with cancellations or changes. Some providers offer free cancellation options or flexible change options.

Paying attention to these booking conditions and cancellation policies will help you choose a car rental provider that suits your travel preferences and circumstances and gives you enough room to adjust if necessary.


A well-founded comparison is worthwhile in order to find the ideal balance between cost and comfort when booking a rental car. From transparent pricing structures to the right vehicle selection and a well-connected branch system – every decision influences your travel experience. Trustworthy comparison sites such as those of the ADAC can be an invaluable help. Careful consideration of booking conditions and cancellation policies completes the selection.