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Tipps, wie man den Koffer ohne Stress packen kann, Bild: Ground Picture / shutterstock

Pack your suitcase without stress: With these tips, your holiday starts in a relaxed way

For many, the anticipation of the holiday only really increases when it comes to packing their suitcases. However, surveys have also shown that about a third of holidaymakers find packing their suitcases stressful. Nothing is more annoying than when something is missing at your destination, when your clothes are totally wrinkled, or when liquids have leaked.

Most of the time, this is because you didn’t take enough time to pack your luggage and did everything completely haphazardly. However, unpleasant surprises and stress can be avoided well if you take a few tips to heart when packing your suitcase. However, the most important prerequisite for relaxed packing is the purchase of high-quality suitcases.

Tip 1: Don’t pack your suitcase at the last minute

The time factor is of great importance when packing a suitcase, because time pressure inevitably leads to stress. For this reason, you should start packing early, ideally about a week before departure. During this time, you can still empty the fridge, ask the neighbors for minor errands while you are away and take care of errands.

Tip 2: Consider local weather conditions

To find out what clothes you need to pack at all, all you have to do is take a look at the current weather forecast for the holiday destination. Then you know immediately whether summer clothing is enough, or whether you also have to think about a rain jacket and an umbrella. If it looks like hot summer temperatures, light clothing is sufficient, which also has a positive effect on the weight of the luggage.

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Tip 3: Type of vacation is crucial

Before you travel, you should think carefully about what you actually want to do at your holiday destination. Is it a pure beach holiday, or do you also want to be active in sports? Do you want to go out in the evening or do you spend most of your time in a hotel? A look at the hotel’s website can also be useful, because this way you can find out whether you need to pack a hairdryer or bathrobes at all.

Tip 4: Packing list saves you from forgetting

It’s definitely helpful to write down everything you want to take with you on vacation. On the one hand, this prevents you from forgetting important things, and on the other hand, you don’t pack too much. All items of clothing, but also sunscreen and hygiene articles belong on the note. In addition, you should also make sure that you think of a charging cable for the mobile phone. If you go through the list again, you may be able to cross out one or the other and only take the really important things with you.

Tip 5: Combining clothes saves luggage

On vacation, you usually have too much clothing with you, especially for women. That’s why you should only pack clothes that can be combined in a variety of ways. For example, if you have trousers that only go with a blouse, they should definitely stay at home. When choosing, care should be taken to ensure that patterns and colours harmonise with other garments. You don’t need a fresh top for every day, instead you should pack some detergent for hand washing.

Tip 6: Two pairs of shoes are enough

Must Haves Travel Suitcases
The must-haves in a suitcase, Image: Leszek Czerwonka / shutterstock

Women usually own a lot of beautiful shoes, but the holiday is the wrong occasion to present them. Shoes take up a lot of space in the suitcase and are relatively heavy. That’s why it’s best to choose two pairs of shoes that suit every occasion. In any case, sturdy shoes belong in your luggage, plus maybe a pair of sandals. You may also be able to pack flip-flops, because they are light and not bulky. By the way, you should also limit yourself to two jackets.

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Tip 7: Proper packing is the be-all and end-all

It’s not just what you pack that matters, but also how you pack it. Heavy things such as shoes, books or the laptop definitely belong at the bottom. This also prevents the weight from being distributed too one-sidedly and everything from flying around in the suitcase. Clothes that wrinkle slightly should always be on top, then you can take them out of your suitcase on arrival. If something does wrinkle, it is hung in the bathroom while showering, the steam eliminates creases. If you pack properly, you definitely fit more in the suitcase.

Tip 8: Make full use of the space in your suitcase

It’s hard to believe what goes into a suitcase when you take advantage of all the gaps. For example, you can roll up socks and stow them in your shoes. Underwear and other insensitive items of laundry can also be rolled well. This applies, for example, to tops and T-shirts, in this way you can pack the suitcase in a space-saving way and also protect the clothes from creasing.

Tip 9: Prevent liquid leakage

Nothing is more annoying than when your clothes have been messed up by liquids on arrival. To avoid this, it is best to buy hygiene products for your holiday in travel size. The containers are usually also equipped with a screw cap, so that nothing can usually leak. However, if you have containers with you that could open during the trip, the closures are secured with adhesive tape.

Tip 10: Hand luggage as a saviour in an emergency

Even if you take all the tips and tricks to heart, the suitcase may be bursting at the seams. Then hand luggage may be the saving solution. Here you can store heavy things such as books or the laptop, you may need them during the trip. Even if the piece of luggage is quite small, it is often a space miracle. Most of the time, there is also room for clothes for the first two days, so you are also on the safe side in case the suitcase is temporarily lost.