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Auf Gran Canaria gibt es viel zu entdecken, Bild: Balate Dorin / shutterstock

Gran Canaria – a dream island for many

What speaks for the island of Gran Canaria – Above all, the constant climate as well as the wonderful unique beaches make the island something very special for tourists and visitors. Temperatures are usually almost never less than 15 degrees Celsius and hardly more than 30 degrees Celsius, a true feel-good climate. It is not for nothing that the great island is called the island of “Eternal Spring” by many visitors.

All Canary Islands have a warm-temperate climate, and long-lasting periods of bad weather are almost non-existent. Once the sun is really covered by clouds, you only have to drive a few kilometers to the next town to enjoy sunshine and a beautiful blue sky again.

Play del Ingles Maspalomas

Playa del Ingles, Gran Canaria
The beach of Playa del Ingles, Image: Valery Bareta / shutterstock

The white sandy beach, which is about seven kilometres long, is the most famous and also the most visited beach in Gran Canaria. It stretches from the lighthouse at El Oasis to San Agustin and impresses above all with its great and unique dune landscape. The entire landscape mentioned is under nature conservation.

This extraordinary coastal performance is the main attraction of the island. During the day, a never-ending procession of beach walkers is on the way along the shore of the sea.
The beach of Puerto Rico can boast almost never-ending sunshine. The sun is still shining here, when in Maspalomas the sun has already disappeared behind the horizon. Since this is also the case in the winter months, it occasionally happens that things can get tight in this environment. The beach is one of the most beautiful places in Gran Canaria.

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Artenara is located in the middle of an almost untouched natural landscape and is the highest place in Gran Canaria. Most visitors pay a visit to the place to visit the cave church located there and get an impression of the population living there. A few people still live in the caves today.

Forest area Pinar de Tamadaba

This wooded area can be reached by car through the village of Artenara. The curvy ride is compensated by the most beautiful pine forest in Gran Canaria. Some of these tall tendrils are hung with long lichens.

The Mirador (glazed balcony) at the end of the route offers a view all the way to the coast, visitors are impressed and enthusiastic about this unique panoramic view of Gran Canaria.

Recommended routes

There are numerous different routes, a tour of the island (190 km) is recommended, which is a day trip.

Drive into the interior of the island (130 km) which leads mainly through the mountains of Gran Canaria, the time takes about half a day.

The longest route (220 km) leads through the north of the island, where participants get to know the vegetation-rich north of the island. The route is paved with winding roads, so you need a relatively long time for this excursion.

Result: These are just a few reasons and attractions that contribute to the fact that the island of “Gran Canaria” is a dream island for many people. Not to forget the hospitable locals who welcome tourists from all over the world and pamper them hospitably. Numerous restaurants cater for the physical well-being of holidaymakers.

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Day trips by boat to the neighbouring islands of Tenerife, Lanzarote and Fuerteventura are also possible. Worth seeing especially on Tenerife the famous “Botanical Garden” and on Fuerteventura the incomparably beautiful sandy beach.