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Feel like you’re on safari thanks to wall decorations

Although winter is already beginning to show itself outside the window, you can also enjoy the exotic atmosphere of Africa in your own home. All you need are wall stickers. Animals from the savannah against the backdrop of picturesque landscapes change your room decoration by 180 degrees.

In the world of interior design, easy-to-install and eye-catching stickers are becoming increasingly popular. Forest animals and motifs from local nature have been very trendy in recent months, but you can not only be inspired by them. A great idea is exotic countries and their nature. In this way, you not only create a cozy, but also a holiday home design that puts you in a positive mood, especially in the winter months.

How can we conjure up such an arrangement in no time? With self-adhesive stickers and posters. That’s enough to bring the flair of a tropical safari into our home.

Picturesque Africa at your fingertips

It is worth bringing a picturesque African landscape into the decoration of your bedroom to create the perfect conditions for relaxation and recreation here. A large-format photo with a view of a sunset, against the background of which silhouettes of trees and animals running around can be seen, causes that not only a beautiful view appears in the room, but also a very cozy atmosphere prevails. In which arrangement does this decoration prove itself? An African landscape will suit a bedroom where there are wicker or dark wood furniture. A
sticker on the wall
behind the headboard of the bed completely changes the character of the interior.

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Another suggestion that is ideal for the bedroom is a sticker in the form of a watercolor landscape. Thanks to a subtle color scheme and the picturesque character of the composition, this pattern is suitable even for a very small bedroom, as the decoration does not overwhelm the room. The depiction fits well with a minimalist, romantic and boho-spirit room design.

Exotic arrangement in retro style

Another idea, this time ideal for the living room, are
wall stickers
in the retro spirit. Animals walking among tropical trees transform an ordinary arrangement into a remote corner of the African continent, while the ancient aesthetic gives the whole a very elegant and timeless touch. The retro style is currently enjoying great popularity, and contrary to what you might think, accents in this aesthetic can be combined not only with an old room décor, but also with a modern home design.

A sticker depicting tropical vegetation and animals – lions, zebras, giraffes or elephants – as in old nature illustrations will become a delightful addition to the living room. Such a landscape does not have to be the only exotic decorative accent in the living room. A smaller sticker may appear on the adjacent or opposite wall showing a cheetah sitting or lying on a branch.

Safari, which visually enlarges the room

Stickers African animals in boho living room

Wall stickers can not only decorate, but also perform a very practical function. This can be seen very well in the example of a small room area. By choosing a spatial design, we can visually enlarge a small space. What do such 3D stickers present? Animals that continue to walk against the background of steppes overgrown with dwarf trees. Such a landscape, which goes far beyond our field of vision, transforms a flat wall into a space limited by nothing. Even though it may seem that a safari is only about sunburnt areas, there are also green enclaves here.

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And a landscape in shades of green is a great solution. A sticker with such a landscape will not only make your living room look bigger, but it will also make it your private oasis of peace where you can relax after a long day.

Invite wildlife into your own four walls

Images of wild animals can also be brought into the interiors thanks to posters. This is also the perfect recipe for lightning-fast metamorphosis and introducing an exotic flair into our homes. A diptych or triptych depicting wild cats or walking giraffes looks beautiful.

African motifs prove themselves not only in the living room and bedroom, but also in children’s arrangements. All toddlers love animals, and so images of elephants, giraffes, lions or zebras certainly appeal to every child. The already mentioned self-adhesive decorations can be applied not only to the walls. They work well on any smooth surface. For this reason, we now mention another excellent solution: window stickers. Animals placed on a glass pane are a good idea if you live on the ground floor and want to shield the children’s room from the outside world, or if in a small room the walls are almost completely covered by furniture and there is no room left for decoration.

An exotic atmosphere can accompany you every day if you only bring African decorative accents into your interior. Stickers with a picturesque sunset, wild animals or an artistic landscape reminiscent of a watercolor are a simple recipe for a truly spectacular metamorphosis of the interior.