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Traumhafte Strände in der Karibik, Bild: Sven Hansche / shutterstock

Enjoy the Caribbean: Where are the most beautiful beaches?

The Caribbean is the epitome of turquoise sea water, miles of sandy beaches and plenty of sun. While autumn and winter show their full size in Germany, the thermometers in the Caribbean show 25 to 30 degrees and pure sunshine.

During the months of December to April, the main travel times are here due to the dry season. If you want to enjoy the cool Christmas season under the Caribbean sun, we present the most beautiful beaches.

The small island with the numerous bathing opportunities – Curaçao seduces beach vacationers

Netherlands Antilles, Curacao
Turquoise blue water in Curacao, Image: Simon Dannhauer / shutterstock

In the immediate vicinity of the Venezuelan coast is Curaçao, an island state that belongs to the Netherlands. Many people know about the island, especially in the context of gambling, as Antillephone N.V. Curaçao issues e-gaming licenses. Due to the high level of security, Curaçao casinos are popular and widely used throughout Europe.

Interestingly, there are only a few casinos on the island itself, most of them are housed in hotels such as Papagayo Beach Resort. In addition to gambling, Curaçao is also known for its wonderful variety of beaches. We don’t want to withhold the three most beautiful locations from you.

  • Playa Lagun for snorkeling fans: The bay measures just 50 meters in width and yet it is one of the most beautiful beaches on Curaçao. It is a magical attraction for snorkelers, as the sea is very calm at this point. A bar and an owner-managed diving school are available here.
  • The Grote Knip for those seeking peace and quiet: This beach is visited not only by tourists but also by locals. It is naturally designed and is about an hour’s drive from Willemstad. Here there is rather quiet recreation, for sun-seekers the beach is a paradise.
  • Cas Abao Beach for film fans: It is one of the dream beaches in the Caribbean and offers the full tourism program with sanitary facilities, restaurants, loungers and bars. Some of you might be familiar with the location, because in 2012 RTL filmed here for DSDS with the candidates.

In the heart of the coral reefs – The Bahamas stands for luxury and pure dream holidays

Today we know the Bahamas as a paradise for those seeking relaxation, but the history of the archipelago is much more extensive. You can still admire the traces of time while strolling through various cities. Fort Fincastle is one of the most popular monuments of the time and attracts numerous tourists every year.

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In search of beach fun and sun, you will find endless sandy beaches that invite you to swim, snorkel and dive. Here, too, we would like to introduce you to three enchanting Caribbean beaches that are suitable for singles and families alike:

  • Cable Beach for jet ski fans: This beach is a paradise for sporty families interested in jet skis and water sports in general. It is connected to many hotel complexes on the island of New Providence and is very busy, especially during the high season. Beverage and ice cream vendors are just as standard here as well-maintained sanitary facilities.
  • Tahiti Beach under palm trees: In the heart of Abacos is a typical Caribbean beach surrounded by palm trees. Its gently sloping water ensures pleasant bathing pleasure. Since it is not accessible by car, there is less tourist hustle and bustle and you will always find a quiet spot.
  • Big Major Cay for Pig Lovers: Bathing with pigs? This is standard at Big Major Cay, then the animals splash happily in the water and show no fear of the visitors. Due to the unique location and the ideal water conditions, there is a lot of activity here in summer.

Visiting Barbados – the heart of the Eastern Caribbean

Barbados, Bottom Bay
Bottom Bay, Barbados – Paradise beach on the Caribbean island of Barbados., Image: Simon Dannhauer/shutterstock

Barbados is one of the largest Caribbean islands and part of the “Lesser Antilles”. Geographically, the island state belongs to Central America, but is a member state of the Commonwealth. With 94 out of 100 index points , Barbados is considered a free location and is therefore also popular with emigrants.

For holidaymakers, the Caribbean island is one of the most important travel destinations, especially during the European winter months, because warm temperatures and sun await you there. Numerous beaches offer relaxation and bathing pleasure, three of which we present to you:

  • The Gibbs beach for relaxation fans: On the western coast lies this natural beach, which completely dispenses with business activities and commerce. It is aimed at those who want to relax and unwind far away from the tourist hustle and bustle. Outside of the peak travel season, there are days when not a single person can be found on Gibbs Beach.
  • Mullins beach as a paradise for water sports enthusiasts: Golden sands and turquoise waters attract thousands of people to this stretch of the west coast every day. Stalls selling alcohol, ice cream and snacks will provide culinary catering. There are numerous water sports on offer that are aimed at beginners and experienced athletes.
  • Accra beach for locals and tourists: If you would like to get an impression of the island’s inhabitants, pay a visit to Accra Beach. The child-friendly beach is located on the south coast and is very busy. Its central location makes it a popular destination for the inhabitants of Barbados.
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The island state for reggae fans – Jamaica and its dream beaches

Jamaica is not only known for the legendary Bob Marley Museum, but is generally considered the home of reggae. For music fans who want Caribbean flair and sun at the same time, the impressive mix of rainforest, mountain landscapes and beaches is the ideal location in the local winter months. There are numerous beaches that are worth visiting. Get to know three of them now:

  • Mammee Bay for all surfers: Although part of this beach has been privatized, the location is also open to the public. The high waves create the perfect conditions for surfers and water sports enthusiasts who are not afraid of the surf. It is only quieter on the side sections, where even inexperienced swimmers can enter the water.
  • Winnifred Beach for water lovers: Away from the tourist crowds in Port Antonio is this beach, which is primarily used by residents. Reggae music is played here almost every day, and a jerk grill provides guests with delicacies. The gently sloping water is an easy introduction to the floods for children and adults.
  • Doctors Cave Beach for those seeking peace and quiet: Jamaica stands for loud music and a cheerful atmosphere. On this beach, however, the rule of tranquility prevails. Radios are prohibited and hawkers are not allowed to sell. You hear the sound of the sea and look at the sun. A special feature here is that there is an entrance fee of 5 dollars to visit the beach.

Conclusion: Sea lovers will always find the right beach in the Caribbean

Regardless of where you go in the Caribbean, you’ll never have to look far for great hotels and a beach to match. If you’re fleeing rain, snow and chilly temperatures in winter, Barbados and all the other Caribbean archipelagos offer the perfect counterpoint.

Let yourself be impressed by azure blue water and enjoy the warm feeling of the sand under the soles of your feet. Lovers of peace and quiet will find a place to be on the Caribbean beaches as well as those who like it a little livelier.