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Es gibt viele Möglichkeiten klimaverträglicher zu reisen, Bild: petrmalinak / shutterstock

Eco-friendly travel equipment

Surely every time you travel, you ask yourself how environmentally friendly it is. On the one hand, environmental awareness increases by using your bike rather than the car or switching from plastic bottles to glass, and on the other hand, you would of course like to travel. Knowing full well that a long-haul flight causes as much emissions per person as if you were to drive a car all year round.

Don’t worry: You don’t have to stay at home to avoid any emissions as much as possible.

You can do a lot for the environment. During your travels, make sure that you cause as little waste as possible and leave no other traces. When traveling, avoid plastic bags as much as possible and, above all, leave stones, plants and shells where they come from.

What is eco-friendly travel equipment?

Mosquito Net Holiday
If possible, resort to a mosquito net instead of chemical sprays, Image: GrooveZ / shutterstock

On the one hand, you can buy many things second-hand or use a mail order company that ships in a particularly environmentally friendly way. When it comes to equipment, you can use a mosquito net instead of chemicals and your backpack should be made of a recycled material. If you can’t use the mosquito net, then rely on an organic mosquito spray. Instead of plastic cutlery, simply use camping cutlery that you clean after each use. The situation is similar with your drinks. Instead of plastic bottles, use a reusable thermos bottle. You can also be environmentally friendly when it comes to care products by using a biodegradable detergent and biodegradable shower gels on your trip. Even for your clothes, you can use merino wool or organic cotton. You can get very nice outfits at Soulcover. Here you can also get the practical FAIR travel package, which is equipped with everything you need for your trip. At this point it should be mentioned that Soulcover ensures that a tree is planted for every FAIR travel package sold. Thus, the FAIR Travel Package is the sensible alternative to the conventional plastic travel package.

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This is how you can pack your suitcase sustainably

At first glance, this does not seem so easy, because many of the outdoor products are chemically impregnated to stay dry. However, this in turn harms the entire biosphere. Here you can find out how you can sustainably pack your backpack or trolley made of a recycled material, so that you can travel the world without a guilty conscience.

As already mentioned, you reach for a recycled product. Maybe you can also rent the luggage you need and don’t have to buy them new. Furthermore, you should make sure that you take as little as possible with you when packing, because every kilo more increases CO2 emissions because more energy is consumed. Your underwear should be suitable for outdoor use, but preferably made of merino wool, as this smells much less even after prolonged wear. When it comes to outerwear, it’s best to use organic cotton. If possible, your toiletry bag should include a bamboo toothbrush as well as biodegradable shampoos and shower gels and an environmentally friendly mosquito repellent. Your sleeping bag should also be as ecological as possible. The same applies to drinking bottles and dishes. With a camping stove that you fire with twigs or pine cones, you can easily prepare your own meals and leave hardly any traces in the environment. Provided you take your garbage back with you and don’t leave it carelessly in nature.