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Urlaubsplanung für das Jahr 2021, Bild: Casezy idea / shutterstock

Holidays in 2021

This year, unfortunately, the well-deserved vacation has been cancelled for many people due to the Corona crisis. After all, the borders were closed for a few months due to the epidemic and due to the travel warnings, many people refrained from vacationing to other countries. In some cases, the various regions in Germany experienced a boom, which were able to enjoy a large influx in the phases without lockdown. Next year, however, a particularly large number of people will certainly go on a trip again during the school holidays . For this reason, it could well happen that things could get particularly tight in some popular holiday regions at home and abroad. Therefore, it is highly recommended to start thinking about holidays in 2021 now. After all, it is not particularly pleasant when the holiday destination is totally overcrowded during the most beautiful time of the year and the holiday fun is considerably clouded as a result.

Germany will certainly be popular again in 2021

Föhr, North Sea Island
The North Sea island of Föhr, Image: Axel Fischer / shutterstock

Already in the recent past, a clear trend towards vacationing in one’s own country has emerged. This is actually not surprising, because more and more people are realizing how beautiful and varied their home country is. When planning for your next holiday, you should definitely take a close look at the calendar. After all, for example, you can take up to 10 days off directly in January with a clever use of bridging days and only have to use four days of vacation in some federal states. This allows you to plan a longer vacation right at the beginning of the year. Depending on your taste, you can then travel to the German coast or the mountains, for example. If the situation around the Corona crisis improves significantly, a more carefree holiday abroad may be possible again.

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Travelling during the summer holidays 2021

This year, many people have cancelled their summer holidays for well-known reasons. For this reason, it can be assumed that even more people will probably want to travel on their holidays next year. For this reason, it is advisable to start planning your next holiday as early as possible. Because in many regions it could be quite crowded in 2021, especially during the summer holidays. But nevertheless, with early planning, it should not be a problem to fulfil your wish for a relaxing holiday. It is important at this point that many tour operators are working with extended cancellation options due to the events this year. From the customer’s point of view, this has the advantage that it is much easier to cancel an already booked holiday trip in 2021 if travel restrictions are still ongoing. Due to these options, it makes sense to deal with the upcoming vacation early on and book your own trip.

Travel to Southern Europe could be in demand again

For their next vacation, many people are already setting their sights on the countries in southern Europe again. This is understandable, because in Spain, Portugal and Italy, for example, the prospects of a great holiday with appealing temperatures are relatively high. It remains to be seen what the situation will be for long-haul destinations in the coming year. Here, too, there could be a strong increase in bookings if the epidemic can be brought under control in a timely manner.