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Eine Urlaubskarte erfreut die Daheimgebliebenen, Bild: OlegDoroshin / shutterstock

Creative holiday greetings with your own postcard

Even if it is not yet foreseeable when we will be able to start our next holiday trip. The next vacation is sure to come. And what could be better than making friends at home happy with a holiday card?

There are now two ways to do this:

The classic way

At some point – usually a few days before the end of your holiday – you pull yourself together and go hunting for suitable card motifs in the local souvenir shop. This is often difficult and you have to visit one or the other shop until you have all the cards together. Now buy the stamps and then hope for two or three hours of rainy weather so that you feel like writing each card by hand and sending it on its way. In most cases, the cards then arrive at friends and relatives with a long time delay. By then, the recovery is often already over.

The Modern Way – The Map Paradise App

An alternative to the classic way shown is to use the free app of the online platform Karten-Paradies. With this app, it is possible to design and send the holiday greeting postcard yourself within a few minutes. The own photos give the card a much more personal touch than the standard cards from the souvenir shop. Even better if you are in the photos yourself. On the beach, in front of a famous attraction or at the top of the mountain.

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How does the creation of the postcard work?

In the first step, download the app from Google Play or Apple Store . You then have the option of choosing from a variety of design templates and inserting your own image motifs directly from your smartphone. Of course, don’t forget the classic holiday greetings and enter the address of the recipient.

After the card is finished, you give it on your journey. And here comes one of the great advantages of the offer of Karten-Paradies. The card is printed and shipped within minutes. This way, your friends and relatives will often find the card directly in their mailbox the next day.

After registration, the creation and dispatch of the first holiday card is free of charge – ideal for trying out.

Payment methods

Five convenient solutions are available as payment options:

  • PayPal
    Pay easily and quickly via the PayPal account
  • Invoice
    Conveniently pays within 14 days of invoicing. So that’s still enough if you pay the bill right after your vacation
  • Direct debit
  • Credit card
  • Cash on delivery (which, however, should be a bit difficult on vacation – more suitable for the further card offer, see below)

Paper types for postcard creation

There are five different types of paper available for your holiday cards:

  • 300 g art print
  • 250g Fine Paper Bechamel
  • 246g Art Print Linen
  • 285g Metallic Art Print
  • 270g Art Print Watercolor Oxford

For the classic holiday card, our paper recommendation is 300g art printing. Due to the high stability, smooth surface and a clear, bright white, the paper is perfect for your holiday greetings.

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Map Paradise – An app just for holiday greetings?

Of course, you can use this app not only for your holiday cards from the sunny south. The offer includes all topics from wedding invitations, baby cards and birthday invitations to condolence cards. And it goes far beyond pure map creation. For example, you can also create menu cards, labels, church booklets and much more for weddings.

Murals and photo magnets are also included in the range.

If you now feel like using personal greeting cards on your next vacation, and want to make sure that your cards really reach your loved ones, then take a look around www.karten-paradies.de now and familiarize yourself with the app.

(Motive) Tips for your next holiday trip

The app is simple and understandable. But maybe you’re still missing the right travel destination? We have put together a few tips for you:

City trip – Let’s go to Paris

Couple in front of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, Image: Ksana Durand / shutterstock

Is there a more beautiful personalized photo in front of a landmark than the Eiffel Tower in Paris? The all-round large park allows you to find the perfect location for a romantic photo in front of Paris ‘ landmark.

Photo from the honeymoon – Off to the Maldives

Who doesn’t know them. The images of white beaches, blue skies and endless sea. The Maldivian islands are lined up like a string of pearls in the Indian Ocean. Motif tip: Photo in the pool with the blue sea in the background.

The classic – Mallorca

Ideal for the whole family. Even during the summer holidays, the climate is good on Mallorca . For the children, everything important is offered with the pool area and beach. Motif tip: Build a huge sandcastle together with the children and then put the artwork on the postcard. Especially suitable for grandparents who stayed at home.