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Mit dem Oldtimer durch Europa reisen, Bild: symbiot / shutterstock

Classic car travel: What makes this trend?

Many people are avid travelers. You can’t get enough of new and old destinations. For them, quality of life means seeing more of the world. There are also people who can’t get enough of classic cars. For them, quality of life means being on the road with their classic car.

And then there are the people who want to combine the two. This is where the classic car tours come into play. They are exactly what the name promises: the classic cars form the travel vehicle, while beautiful holiday regions in Spain, Italy or Austria are explored. But what exactly makes this “new” holiday trend special?

That’s what Oldtimer Reisen is all about: Freedom and car love

Classic car tours have so far been more of an insider tip – although they are not new. Fans of old and classic vehicles have always come together. Tinkering together, exchanging ideas and touring have long been part of the classic car scene.

Logically, some classic car lovers have also undertaken longer tours over time. These were mostly organized privately and remained rather clear. Until word got around about the advantages. Many providers of classic car tours describe their beginnings in exactly the same way: A personal passion eventually became an offer for more and more people.

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These tour operators take over some work steps for those who love to travel. On the one hand, there is the possibility of renting classic cars. But travel packages are also popular. The tours are fixed in advance and accommodations are booked – so no stress is left behind. Depending on the offer, there can be individual trips or joint tours: oldtimer-urlaubsreisen.de.

The best travel destinations: The warm regions are ideal

Classic car trip
Image: S_Photo / shutterstock

Most classic car tours lead to warmer regions of Europe. Of course, there are also destinations in America, Asia or Africa. However, since many classic car fans are looking for cozy experiences, Europe is usually the right destination. Spain, Portugal and Italy are very easy to explore in autumn and spring.

But Austria, Slovenia and Germany are also suitable for classic car tours. However, the summer months are preferred here. If you are unsure which travel times suit which regions, you should ask tour operators or exchange ideas with other classic car fans (e.g. in forums).

Advantages of a tour operator: Valuing expertise

As already mentioned at the beginning, classic car trips are actually nothing new. It has been around for decades. However, guided and professional tours are not so widespread so far and there are only a few specialized providers. This raises the question of what actually makes them so special.

On the one hand, less experienced classic car fans can also enjoy a trip. Good tour operators are well-versed and can help with questions about the cars. At the same time, they are experts for the respective travel regions. In addition, they take care of everything that can cause stress about traveling: booking accommodation, planning the itinerary, guaranteeing food and accessibility in case of questions and problems.

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Maximum flexibility: travel according to plan or without a plan?

If you are interested in a classic car trip, you have to decide how much help you want to use. Of course, the trip can be organized completely by yourself. But many classic car enthusiasts are also attracted by the shared experience with other travelers. Now the degree of flexibility must be determined.

Some tour operators specify each trip and destination exactly. Thus, everything is clocked from start to finish. This has the advantage that all travelers stay together and nothing has to be taken care of. However, detours are not possible. Good providers of classic car tours therefore give you the opportunity to implement your own wishes.

In addition to the joint trips, which are led by an experienced guide, there is free time. Insider tips for the region can also be expected. By the way: There is also the counterpart to relaxed travel in small groups. Classic car meetings can also become real events with competitions. But relaxation is then rather not possible.