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Entspannt urlauben mit Tragetüchern für Babys und Kleinkinder, Bild: sandsun / shutterstock

Carrying on the go: Body proximity when traveling with baby

Baby carriers and slings are the ideal solution for family holidays with infants. In unfamiliar surroundings, the proximity to mom and dad gives the offspring security. In addition, carrying it offers a lot of logistical advantages. Why carrying is ideal for parents and baby when traveling is explained in detail below.

Advantages of the baby carrier on arrival

Regardless of which means of transport is used to get there, the baby carrier always has the advantage of being space-saving. In the car, there is plenty of storage space for other luggage, and on the train, the stroller does not block aisles or compartments.

If you are travelling by plane on holiday, you can take a stroller with you, but it often has to be handed in at check-in. The time until departure, the baby is then carried awkwardly in the arms. Parents can even use the baby carrier during the flight and, if necessary, walk up and down comfortably with the baby in the sling. Of course, this also works without a baby carrier, but then mom and dad don’t have a hand free to hold each other in case of possible turbulence or to drink a tomato juice in between.

Important, whether traveling or at home, is the quality of the carriers. Before buying, it is advisable to try out the sling first and read various reviews and real test reports from parents with slings . The desired model must be adapted to the age and size of the baby, and must also fit the needs of the family. If a carrier is only needed for short use, a ring sling is usually the perfect choice, for longer distances, various shoulder, back and hip friendly variants come into question.

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Wearing at the holiday destination – the plus points

Baby sling on holiday
On holiday with the sling, Image: Trendsetter Images / shutterstock

An unfamiliar environment, unfamiliar smells and sounds, time difference and climate change can mean stress for the little ones. Closeness to the body makes it easier for babies to relax. In many cases, the changeover is easier and faster.

Other benefits include:

  • Protection: The stretcher can serve as protection from the sun as well as unwanted access. Slings and baby carriers are often a way to protect the baby’s head from UV radiation and prying eyes. Especially in Mediterranean countries and Asia, people like to grab cute babies’ faces, sometimes they even pinch them courageously. The stretcher is an excellent barrier against shock-loving passers-by.
  • Hiking: Anyone who likes to be out and about in the mountains knows about the unsuitability of many hiking trails for prams. With a carrier, sporty parents pass many hurdles. At the same time, the baby has an excellent view and experiences nature from a protected lookout on the breast or on the back of the parents. During the rest, the sling serves as a soft base or blanket.
  • Sightseeing tours: Sights are often of historical origin. There are numerous stairs on ancient castles and palaces. For parents with baby carriers, these are no problem.

Tips for Wearing When Traveling

  • Smaller babies in particular should not be carried facing forward for too long or at all. Otherwise, especially in new surroundings, it can quickly lead to sensory overload.
  • If the temperatures are high, parents and baby also heat each other up. Thin, light, airy clothing is therefore advisable. It protects against the sun and insects, but does not provide additional warmth. In the summer months, the midday heat should be avoided. This is especially true for baby carriers. Parents should observe the baby well at all times of the day and, in the event of possible overheating, it is better to take a break in the shade and put the infant down. Don’t worry, even in the tropics, children are carried and usually don’t overheat.
  • If different activities are planned on holiday, it may be advisable to take different carrying systems with you. Basically, it is ideal to get tips and tricks from a professional babywearing consultant when buying the models.
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The sling is an ingenious solution when travelling. If you take a few pieces of advice into account, you will be able to cope well with it and spend a relaxing time with the family.