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Svetlana Bogdanova mit Ihrer Tochter Anna, Bild: Travel-Films

Explore the world together

For Svetlana Bogdanova, filming is more than just a job. The documentary filmmaker also loves to travel. That’s why she set out to explore the world with her little daughter Anna more than four years ago. The journey has already taken the two halfway around the world. They have brought their experiences and experiences to the screen and in 2019 the film “Anna, Asia and I. 250 Days on the Road”.

They are currently in India and are working on the production of the sequel to the documentary. We talked to Svetlana Bogdanova about her travel experiences:

What criteria do you use to choose your travel destinations?
It has to be warm and sunny, visa-free or with a visa, which can be obtained without much effort. We are always drawn to Asia, we feel very comfortable in the colorful chaos of India or Southeast Asia. For our next big trip, we have South America in our sights.

If there is such a thing at all: What does a typical day in the Bogdanova – Becker family look like?
If we stay a little longer in one place, then we also have a reasonably regular daily routine. We use such “quiet” parts of the journey to study, to work, to plan. Now in India it looks something like this: we get up at about 5.30 a.m., do yoga (in a studio or at home), then we have breakfast. At around 7 a.m., Anna starts her “school” and I sit down to work. I’m currently editing the 2nd part of our film “Anna, Asia and I. 250 days on the road”. In the afternoon and evening, Anna has free time and can do what she wants. She reads a lot, paints and writes her own book. We go to the ocean, enjoy sunsets, go on excursions, explore the area and meet other travelers.

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Following your fascinating journey, the question naturally arises: How do you master your daughter’s school education?
I signed Anna up for homeschooling in a Russian school. In Russia , this is an absolutely legitimate type of school, there is no compulsory schooling but an educational right. Parents can choose for themselves which training concept suits their children better. The exams that Anna passes every year at the Russian school are also voluntary. Unfortunately, this is not possible in Germany .

Anna learns independently for a few hours a day. She can choose for herself which subject and which topic she wants to learn. She also only goes through the topics that interest her at the moment. This keeps her motivated and she enjoys learning.

Which country or place has impressed you the most on your travels so far?
We both agree – our top 5 countries are currently Australia, New Zealand, India, Mexico and Indonesia“>Indonesia.

You are currently in India. What is the next destination?
We don’t know yet. Maybe we’ll go to Sri Lanka or Bali, or we’ll choose another destination. Because we travel exclusively with a one-way ticket, we are flexible and can decide spontaneously.