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Cala Torta, Bild: Michael Thaler / shutterstock

Cala Ratjada and its most beautiful beaches

Cala Ratjada in the northeast of Mallorca attracts with its enchanting beaches. There are also wonderful destinations for a beach holiday in the surrounding area. Cala Ratjada is a district of Capdepara, a well-visited tourist resort. In summer, there are extensive and atmospheric celebrations there. In the winter months, it is mainly seniors who are out and about and spend the cooler season there. In the low season, the picturesque bay is a popular destination for families with children.

From the airport, Cala Ratjada can be reached in about 60 minutes. Actually, Cala Ratjada forms two bays and not just one. For example, Cala Agulla is located on the north side, while the Font de Sa Cala is located in the southern part. Both bays have in common that there are numerous hotels there that are well visited. German tourists are particularly numerous at Cala Ratjada.

The most beautiful beaches of Cala Ratjada

Cala Ratjada and its surroundings score with a variety of beautiful beaches that invite you to take a detour. Visitors are spoilt for choice.

Die Cala Agulla

Cala Agulla
Cala Agulla, Image: pixelshop / shutterstock

Not only one of the most beautiful beaches of Cala Ratjada, but of the entire Balearic island of Mallorca is Cala Agulla, which is located in the eastern part of the bay. The fine sandy, idyllic beach has a length of 520 meters. This makes it larger than many other beaches. The beach dunes are wonderful as a comfortable place to retreat.

Not far from Cala Agulla is a large coniferous forest. On the north side, the beach is bordered by impressive rocks. The western beach area is framed in the pine forest. For this reason, Cala Agulla is considered a “Natural Area of Special Value”. Therefore, there is also special protection.

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Another plus point is the three beach bars in containers, which invite you to refresh yourself in between. In addition, during the high season, umbrellas and sunbeds are available for hire. If you would like to eat out, you can do so in the restaurant. Furthermore, pedal boats can be rented. Participation in banana rides is also possible.

If you come to Cala Agulla by car, you can park your car in a paid car park that is guarded. From the parking lot, the bay can be reached through the enchanting forest via several paths.

The Platja de Son Moll

Son Moll Beach
Son Moll, Image: vulcano / shutterstock

In the middle of Cala Ratjada is the Platja de Son Moll. It is particularly busy in the high season, but this is not surprising. The beach is not far from the center and is considered family-friendly. With its fine white sand and azure Mediterranean waters, it is an excellent destination for a swimming trip. So the Platja de Son Moll is not so popular for nothing. The many hotels in the area do not dampen the positive impression.

The Platja de Son Moll is 150 meters long and 50 meters wide. Bathers of all ages visit it regularly. It is also good for children to splash around in, because the first few meters of the beach are flat. For snacks and drinks, there is a small beach bar, which is located directly on the beach. Not far away is the beach promenade. It establishes a connection between the town centre and the beach. There are street cafés, restaurants and boutiques.

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To get a beach umbrella or a sunbed, it is advisable not to go to the beach too late. Arriving by car is no problem. There are numerous free parking spaces around Platja de Son Moll.

Die Cala Gat

Cala Gat
Cala Gat, Image: Simon Dannhauer / shutterstock

Cala Gat, which translates as “Cat’s Bay”, is ideal for swimming. In the past, many stray cats roamed the grounds, feeding on the food of the beach visitors. In the meantime, however, only a few cats live there because their spread has been significantly reduced by the authorities.

However, the dreamlike backdrop of the bay, which reaches a length of 80 meters and a width of 7 meters, has been preserved. The natural bay is surrounded by cliffs, while the coastal area is fine sand.

Die Cala Torta

There are also some beaches in the vicinity of Cala Ratjada. These include Cala Torta, which is surrounded by a natural hilly landscape and rocks. The picturesque bay is considered a pleasant quiet zone because there is neither a beach promenade nor hotels there.

The beach of Cala Torta, framed by rocky cliffs, reaches a length of about 130 meters. The sand is fine and white. The course of the waves is usually only light and moderate. Due to the northeast wind, however, it is sometimes much livelier. Snorkeling and swimming can then only be done to a limited extent.
A break from beach life can be taken in the beach bar.

Cala Molto

About three kilometres from Cala Ratjada is Cala Molto. It is surrounded by pine groves and is considered a natural area of special interest. In a way, it represents the extension of Cala Agulla and has more naturalness.