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Unterwegs Hörbücher genießen, Bild: GaudiLab / shutterstock

Audio books – relaxation and entertainment!

Anyone who listens to audio books immerses themselves in another world. Just switch off and listen to the soothing voice of the narrator. In a hectic and fast-paced society, many people long for relaxation and entertainment. This is best done anytime and anywhere. It doesn’t matter whether you just want to listen to a short story or an entire novel to relax. What you are looking for, you usually find.

For over 60 years, young and old have been enthusiastic about audio books. The first audiobooks came onto the market in the 50s and caused enthusiasm as an absolute novelty even then. However, at that time you were still tied to a location, it was not cheap and you had to own a record player. In the following decades came the CD recorder and then the Walkman, which made it possible to listen to music or audio books anywhere. Nowadays, this is very easy to do via smartphone or smart TV. There are no limits to the listener as far as the choice is concerned. From the classic crime novel to novels, children’s stories, learning books, podcasts or the news of the last few days, the possibilities are almost unlimited.

Advantages of audiobooks

Making travel more pleasant with audio plays, Image: GaudiLab / shutterstock

No matter what type of audiobook you choose, it offers you many different advantages in all different situations.

  • One advantage of audiobooks is that they can be accessed anywhere and anytime. Whether on the train or at home on the sofa, the opportunity to switch off is everywhere.
  • By listening, what has been recorded is better processed and stored. Thus, we have to make more effort when we read a book or watch a movie on TV, since in addition to the auditory stimuli, the visual stimuli must also be processed by the brain. Thus, the imagination is stimulated more and the listener can concentrate better. For example, learning texts can also be used as audio.
  • The decisive factor for a good audio book is usually the voice of the narrator. Audiobook speakers are usually professionally trained readers who read with their voice in the rhythm of the text. Emphasis, speed and speech melody are particularly crucial. The listener recognizes from the voice when tension is building up and he has to be particularly careful.
  • They are space-saving. In addition to all the advantages, this aspect should not be ignored. Books often gather dust on shelves or end up in the library. They are also not as versatile. Very few people carry their thick books with them everywhere. Whereas Audible experience is always waiting for you in your smartphone.
  • Audiobooks are often free. Many apps often offer audiobooks for free as a trial. So before you decide to buy, you have the opportunity to listen to 1-2 chapters. In some cases, even entire audiobooks are free. Just rummage around in the respective app.
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So if you like it simple and uncomplicated, audiobooks are just the thing for you, as they can be accessed and listened to at any time. They offer a great alternative to the classic book or film and take the listener on a new journey.