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Die Ferien im eigenen Ferienhaus in Holland genießen, Bild: Traveller70 / shutterstock

Your very own little bit of luxury – a private pool on holiday

Relaxation guaranteed: Holidays in Holland

Just let your mind wander for a few days, don’t have to meet any obligations, don’t have to think about anything and don’t have to worry about anything – that’s how most of us imagine the perfect summer holiday. But if you want to book your holiday, you are spoilt for choice. Among other things, there is the question of whether hotel or holiday home, air travel or your own journey, long distance or rather holiday at home.

The perfect balance is offered here by a holiday in your own holiday home in Holland by the sea. Since our neighbouring country can be reached in just a few hours by car, the long journey is spared and the holiday can start completely relaxed. Despite the proximity to home, the holiday feeling is already due to the fact that you are no longer in Germany . The different language, the relaxed mentality and the delicious food immediately convey a feeling of relaxation and time-out. After all, Holland is not without reason known for its friendly people, the beautiful landscape and the delicious frikandeln. In Holland by the sea , you can relax from the stressful everyday life by walking on the beach, sunbathing or swimming in the sea.

Your own holiday home as accommodation

As accommodation for your holiday, your own holiday home is perfect. Here you can determine your daily routine individually and spontaneously. In contrast to a holiday in a hotel, you are not bound to any fixed times. This is a great advantage, especially for late risers, as they often miss breakfast in hotel complexes. In your own holiday home, however, this is not a problem, because when and how long you want to have breakfast is entirely up to you.

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You can also spend the rest of the day according to your preferences. You can cook to your heart’s content in your own kitchen and enjoy a glass of wine on the terrace in the evening. Just let yourself be inspired by holiday homes in Holland by the sea.

Of course, a holiday home Holland by the sea has even more advantages. You can plan a romantic holiday for two or a fun weekend together with friends. Depending on the size of the house, you can also travel with the whole family and with a private holiday home you have created the perfect basis to have a good time together and make new memories with the family.

The very private luxury: your own pool

Holiday home with pool
A special luxury: Holiday home with pool, Image: Dimitri Lamour / shutterstock

If you like it a little more luxurious, you will feel most comfortable in a holiday home with a private pool . This little luxury sweetens the holiday even more and also provides an extra portion of relaxation. Look forward to swimming a few laps in the morning sun and cooling off in the private pool in hot temperatures. Spontaneous pool parties are also no problem in the holiday home with private pool. Another advantage of having your own pool is clearly that you will always find a place by the pool and a free lounger without having to reserve a lounger before breakfast. The pool is all yours for the duration of the holiday – what a luxury.

On your suitcases, get set, go!

Well, do you feel like going on holiday? Now it’s your turn! Book your dream holiday now in your very own private holiday home in Holland by the sea. Let yourself be enchanted by the culture of our neighboring country and leave everyday life behind. For a holiday in a class of its own, opt for a holiday home with a private pool. Here you can really switch off and recharge your batteries for new projects. So, let’s go to Holland! You deserve it!

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