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Mit der richtigen Ausrüstung wird der Winterurlaub für die ganz Familie ein Erlebnis, Bild: Yuganov Konstantin / shutterstock

Winter holidays with a baby: What do you need to pack with you?

Snow-covered meadows, glittering hoarfrost and frozen lake landscapes – the cold season has a special charm. This is precisely why many people are drawn to nature at the end and beginning of the year. Even if the temperatures are sometimes below freezing, a winter holiday with a baby is worthwhile. The prerequisite for a successful trip is the right equipment. What do you need to bring with you?

The basic equipment for babies

The most important thing on a winter holiday with a baby is that the infants do not freeze and that their skin is well protected. Not only temperatures below freezing point cause problems, but also heating air and the high UV radiation on the mountains.

So the offspring have it cozy and warm

Snowsuit Baby
What the sand is in summer is the snow in winter, Image: FamVeld / shutterstock

Whether it’s a walk in the snowy landscape or winter sports, the baby should be wrapped up thickly. A one-piece snowsuit including feet and hood is ideal for this. Underneath, the onion look proves its worth. To do this, the infant simply wears several thin layers of bodysuit, shirt, tights and leggings. If it gets too hot for the baby, one of the layers under the snowsuit can simply be removed.

If you carry the baby on your body most of the time, you can confidently do without the snowsuit if you have a well-functioning babywearing jacket. The tragejacken-baby.de babywearing expert therefore also recommends wearing several layers of clothing under the babywearing jacket.

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Particular attention should be paid to warm feet. Wool socks that reach the knee are a good option because they can’t be easily removed. A pair of leather first walkers fits well over it. Tiny baby hands are optimally protected from wind and weather with mittens. Whether in a snowsuit with a hood or in a babywearing jacket, the baby’s head must be protected from cold draughts at all costs. Even under the hood, a woolen hat is worthwhile. Otherwise, a well-lined headgear is advisable.

Babies don’t just need special equipment during the day and in the fresh air – they don’t want to freeze at night either. For this, parents pack the cozy warm winter sleeping bag. Hats are not recommended when sleeping because infants regulate the temperature through their heads. This process can be disrupted by the cap.

This way, eyes and skin are well protected

Cream, cream, cream, is the motto for parents and children on a winter holiday. The air is dry, the heaters are running at full speed and the UV radiation in the mountains is very high. Before families go for a walk, you should apply a good baby sunscreen with a high sun protection factor to your face, ears and neck. If gloves are not put on, then it is also important to apply cream to the fingers and backs of the hands.

Then another layer is applied. For this, the baby gets a greasy cold protection cream gently massaged in without water. This replaces the missing heat-insulating fatty tissue of the infants.

Does the baby need special sunglasses? That depends on the circumstances. If the infant is pushed in the stroller most of the time, then it is protected from direct sunlight there anyway. When wearing it, a hat with a peak and neck protection is usually sufficient. The older and more active the offspring is, the more recommended are extra sunglasses, for very small babies the utensil is rather annoying.

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What else do you need to take with you on a family holiday?

The other equipment is essentially hardly different from the packing list of the summer vacation. Milk powder, nursing scarf, bibs, snacks, jars and diapers should be available in sufficient numbers – at least for the journey and the first few days. Then at least as many bodysuits, pants, tops, tights, socks, etc. have to be in your luggage as they would be needed at home. The exact packing details depend on the type of holiday and the accommodation. If the apartment offers a washing machine, porridge-smeared tops can be washed at any time. If it is a special baby hotel, bottle warmers, high chairs and an extra bed are usually available. Especially for the first holidays with a baby, child-friendly accommodation is worthwhile. In addition, it can be helpful to inquire in advance with the operators as to which necessary items are already available or can be procured on site. All you need is an email or a quick phone call. With sufficient preparation, there is nothing in the way of a relaxing break as a family.