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Überraschte Frau mit Waynabox-Pulli
Waynabox bietet Überraschungsreisen an, Bild: Waynabox

Waynabox – Travel with the Surprise Effect

Waynabox offers trips with the surprise effect, because vacationers who book a trip with the provider only find out two days in advance where they are going. A total of more than 60 travel destinations are available. Discover Waynabox and be surprised on your next trip.

However, the holidaymaker decides for himself about the departure airport and the duration of the trip. In most cases, the latter is between four days and a week. Waynabox’s trips start at a price of 150 euros. All trips are package deals and include flights and hotels. They can also be given as gifts to friends or family members. About themselves, the team at Waynabox says that they are a group of adventurous surprise lovers and are tired of typical and clichéd trips. Waynabox wants to bring vacationers closer to a more exciting and fun way to travel. At the same time, the traveller or holidaymaker should have to worry about as little as possible in advance.

Three young and adventurous travellers initially had the idea of founding a kind of Interrail for the air. This then developed into the concrete strategy of offering surprise trips through Europe.

How does booking a surprise trip with Waynabox work?

First of all, you have to choose the type of trip, i.e. either a city trip, a beach adventure or an adventurous road trip. In addition, the number of passengers must be indicated. After selecting the duration of the trip, holidaymakers will then immediately see the travel price to be paid. In addition, it is possible to adjust your personal preferred flight times. However, this is only possible upon payment of an extra charge. Waynabox then displays an overview of possible travel destinations. These include cities such as Athens, Lisbon or Milan, beach adventures in Mallorca, Tenerife, the Algarve and many other places or even a road trip. Waynabox’s website allows you to cancel a destination that you don’t want to book under any circumstances. Each additional cancellation costs an additional 10 euros. The holidaymaker also decides for himself what type of accommodation to stay in. This can be a hotel with three, four or five stars, but also private accommodation or an equivalent apartment. But there are also hostels to choose from. Extras such as breakfast at the hotel, travel insurance or additional checked baggage can be easily booked. If you book a trip with Waynabox for the second time, you don’t have to worry that you will end up at the same holiday destination as last time, because the travel provider also takes this into account.

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Surprise road trip with Waynabox

The compilation of a road trip works very similarly to city trips and beach vacations. Holidaymakers first select a starting point and the number of travellers and then add a rental car if necessary. The next step is to choose a topic for the road trip. Lush nature, medieval villages or a wine-growing region steeped in history – Waynabox offers a number of enchanting regions to choose from for an unforgettable road trip.

Which cities and holiday regions does Waynabox have in its travel pool?

Almost all of Europe’s metropolises worth seeing are represented, be it Athens, Milan, Prague or Oslo. So the city trips are by no means limited to the Mediterranean region. On the other hand, many of the popular destinations for a beach adventure are logically located on the Mediterranean. But the Atlantic Ocean is also represented with the Algarve and the Canary Islands. In addition to well-known holiday destinations, Waynabox’s trips also take you to lesser-known destinations. The road trips promise a lot of variety, as there is also a thematic focus here.

What can holidaymakers expect from a surprise trip from Waynabox?

As the name unequivocally reveals, the element of surprise is the focus of every single trip. The holidaymaker should experience an unforgettable adventure and feel the excitement and anticipation. There are no ordinary package tours with Waynabox. At the same time, the journey should be fun. This in turn means discovering and exploring places and the culture of the destination region itself.

Advantages of a holiday trip with Waynabox

Waynabox not only provides the element of surprise on every single trip, but also has many European dream destinations in its luggage. Students in particular can take advantage of the spontaneity of booking a cheap break with Waynabox. If it’s about a whole group wanting to go on holiday together, there is simply no need to discuss where to go this year before a trip with Waynabox.

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What do customers say about their trip with Waynabox?

Young students in particular are enthusiastic about the possibilities that Waynabox offers them for an adventure trip. Although the travel provider determines the final holiday destination, all other parameters are selected by the holidaymaker himself. This is exactly what is reflected in many positive customer reviews. It is also positively assessed that there are no hidden costs and that high flexibility has a positive effect on the price. In addition, there is the student discount that Waynabox grants.


Waynabox convinces with exciting surprise trips and low prices. Young people in particular benefit from this, but they don’t feel like a classic package tour, but still don’t want to plan everything for the trip themselves.