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Mit einem professionell geschnittenen Film bleibt der Urlaub in guter Erinnerung, Bild: Luis Molinero / shutterstock

The basic steps of video editing

Have you collected video material that is now to be converted into an exciting and interesting video? Don’t worry, with the right video software you can do it well even as a beginner. Only a few basic skills are necessary, more important are joy and creativity, which you should have in video editing. If you haven’t edited a film that often, you often don’t even know where to start. Therefore, below we present five basic steps with which the pruning is structured and an excellent result can be achieved in the end. We start with the viewing of the recordings, then comes the planning of the project, the rough cut, the finishing touches and then the export. Follow these steps to give the project itself your full attention and achieve a professional result.


Video editing
Post-process the videos with the right software, Image: Gorodenkoff / shutterstock

Among https://www.movavi.de/suite/ , beginners in particular will find the right video software for this project, as Movavi Video Suite is an all-in-one solution: In addition to video editing, it can also be used to record screen content and convert it directly to bring the video into the right format and size. First, you make a preselection of which of the recorded clips should be used in the video and then import them into the program. Unneeded material should be excluded in this first step so that the import does not take an unnecessarily long time and the project file remains as clear as possible. However, the video clips should not be excluded prematurely, the Movavi Video Editor contains many editing options, so that even bad shots can still be saved by effects or color correction.

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Every good film starts with a clear and structured plan that works towards a predefined goal. Imagine the finished film and think about how the desired message can best be presented visually. This step makes use of your creativity, at the same time notes can be taken or even a storyboard can be created. In this way, the thoughts can be recorded and it is ensured that nothing is forgotten during processing. The structure of the video should also be considered, no matter how short or long it is, a story should be told, including introduction, main part and conclusion.

Rough cut

Then it finally really starts: First of all, the individual clips should be put in the right order. Music can also be added if it helps with the editing sequence. They should develop a feeling for how individual shots affect each other and create a certain dynamic together. In this step, you can also insert more material than needed, if something doesn’t work, it’s still easier to fall back on other clips or delete them instead of looking for new ones. Especially when it comes to a video from your last vacation , for example, you should work with different video clips if possible so as not to bore the viewer and to set new visual accents again and again.


Once a basic structure has been created and the order is correct, then you can start editing. The video clips should be trimmed exactly to the section that is to be used. Through pre-made transitions, Movavi Video Suite helps to ensure a good flow and consistency. As a rule, straight cuts, in combination with classic blends and resolutions, are sufficient to merge the individual clips into a clean video. Conspicuous transitions should be avoided, as they tire the audience and distract them. After that, it’s time for the finishing touches: special effects, titles, music and other details are now added. Movavi’s software also offers pre-made color effects, slow motion, or time-lapses to make it as easy as possible for you as a beginner to create a professional video. Action-packed scenes in particular should be slowed down a bit to accentuate them. But a change in color between two scenes can also indicate the difference between day and night time, for example. Let your creativity run wild.

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Finally, it is a matter of providing the finished project sensibly. For this purpose, there is a converter within the Movavi Video Suite, which brings the video into the desired format and ensures that the file is not too large. Care should be taken to ensure that the parameters are always set optimally for the recipient or platform through which the project is to be played later. This is the only way to present the great result well.