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Zelten mit Baby, Bild: everst / shutterstock

Tent holiday with baby – what to look out for

Camping with a baby is a bit more complex than usual. But why it is still worthwhile and what to look out for, this article shows.

Especially in Corona times, camping holidays are becoming more and more popular. The independence, the distance to other people and the connection to nature are just a few reasons why holidays in a tent are so popular.

However, many new parents wonder whether a camping holiday with a baby is even possible. What else do you have to think about apart from rompers and diapers when you go on a camping holiday with a small child and at what age is camping with a baby safe at all?

Is camping with a baby even possible?

Many parents worry that camping with a baby could be dangerous. But don’t worry: Wherever parents can also spend a safe camping holiday, it is also possible to take your baby with you. As soon as the first weeks of settling-in after birth are complete and the parents feel safe with their baby, it can actually start.

Basically, a holiday in nature is also very good for the little ones and the fresh air and many outdoor experiences provide variety and new experiences for the baby.

Of course, such a holiday also requires thorough preparation – but if everything is thought of, everyone involved can look forward to a shared experience.

From what age can you camp with a baby?

Especially when it comes to the first child, parents are often unsure about how to deal with it at the beginning. Therefore, it is worth waiting a few weeks and adjusting to the baby’s needs first. If parents have the feeling that they are getting along well with their child and that no major complications are to be expected, it can start.

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An age of about six months is optimal, but camping is also possible earlier if the parents have a good feeling about it.

What should you think about when camping with a baby?

If you want to go camping with a baby, you have to think about some additional equipment for the child in addition to the usual camping equipment.

Parents should think about where their child should sleep, for example. A separate berth on a mat with cushions, for example, is well suited. This way, the baby does not run the risk of the parents accidentally rolling over at night, but still feels the closeness of the adults.

In addition, numerous rompers, T-shirts and other change of clothes should be planned according to the weather, as there is rarely a good washing facility.

You also have to think about heating and transporting the baby food – of course, the easiest way is if the child is still breastfed.

In summary, everything that would have to be taken on a normal holiday for the baby should also be packed on a camping holiday. In addition, additional items may be needed, such as a baby food warmer, a changing mat or an adequate place to sleep.

Why go camping with a baby at all?

Why is a camping holiday with a baby a great option? The fresh air and the experiences with nature are unique and allow the young child to explore his environment with all his senses. Earth, stones and the ground are great opportunities for play and experience. In addition, a holiday together connects the family and strengthens the bond between parents and child. In the tent you are very close to each other and have the opportunity to react directly to the needs of the child.