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Kategorie – Sustainable travel

Sustainable travel is more than just exploring distant places. It is a way of life that respects and protects the environment, communities and culture. Here are some key principles of sustainable travel:

Eco-friendly choices: Choose eco-friendly modes of transportation, such as public transportation or bicycles. Minimize your environmental footprint by choosing accommodations with sustainable practices.
Respect for nature: Enjoy nature without disturbing it. Hike along marked trails, dive carefully, and avoid removing plants or disturbing animals.
Cultural sensitivity: Respect the culture and local customs of the country you are visiting. Learn a few basic phrases in the local language and show interest in the culture.
Support local economies: Buy local produce, eat at local restaurants, and support local communities to promote their prosperity.
Minimize waste: Avoid single-use plastic and make sure to dispose of your garbage properly. Take reusable water bottles and shopping bags with you.
Conscious choice of activities: Opt for companies and activities that support eco-friendly practices, such as eco-tours or conservation projects.

Sustainable travel means that you can explore the world without compromising its beauty and wealth. It allows you to deepen your travel experiences while making a positive impact on the world.

Sustainable travel in Europe

For many people, traveling is an indispensable change from everyday life and is indispensable despite climate and environmental crises. In times when the average temperature is rising worldwide and plastic waste is accumulating in the oceans, more and more travelers are trying to find a sustainable solution for their vacation. This is not always easy, especially for...