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Irlands Küsten bieten eine traumhafte Aussicht, Bild: LaMiaFotografia / shutterstock

Ireland – beguiling and fascinating in a green robe

Ireland – that is like a stony green in the vastness of the sea. The writer and Nobel Prize winner Heinrich Böll lived on Achill Island and recorded the impressions of his stay in the “Irish Diary”. Green, be this country, very green. But he didn’t just mean the green of the lush meadows, but also the green of Moses and the colors of the places he visited. For example, there is Kylemore Abbey in County Galway, a Benedictine abbey from the 17th century and a pearl in a green robe. And if you go on horseback on a trip through Ireland, you will discover only one color in the sparsely populated landscapes: green!

Ireland, O'Brien's Tower
O’Brien’s Tower is a tower at the highest point of the Cliffs of Moher, Image: PhotoFires / shutterstock

This nature is fascinating and beguiling at the same time. Some of the idyll on the island humiliates visitors and leaves them wanting to come back. To the medieval castles and monasteries and to the famous Irish pubs with their time-honoured dark wood counters. They are often an integral part of the village shop in the countryside, and there is almost always a musical accompaniment to the “pint”. The traditional music of “Irish Folk” has taken root in the culture of this country and expresses the Irish attitude to life with its cheerful melancholy.
For a long period of history, Dublin was something of a problem child of the country. Also because many inhabitants of the metropolis emigrated from here, especially to America. But that has changed, and today the people of Dublin are proud of its revitalized harbor and especially of its landmark, the two-hundred-year-old Halfpenny Bridge, where you once had to pay a toll when passing as a pedestrian.

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View of the Samuel Beckett Bridge in Dublin, Image: Lukas Bischoff Photographer / shutterstock

If you travel to Ireland, you should have an umbrella in your luggage, because the sky opens its floodgates there again and again. For most residents, this is not a nuisance. They stick to the saying that they enjoy two days a year in particular: Christmas and summer… And if it only drizzles, the Irish tend to speak of “wet rain”.

And that’s why the calendar of Irish tourism knows no seasons, because nature is beautiful in any weather. However, the country is interesting in May, June and September, because then numerous festivals take place there. The most beautiful points of Ireland can be reached by car. However, some roads are quite narrow – patience is not a foreign word on the journey. If you are looking for the original in Europe, you will be amazed by the grace and beauty of Ireland.

An advertising slogan of the Irish Tourist Board says: “If you go to Ireland, you should be able to sing at least one song.” Also because visitors at an advanced hour in a local pub are asked by the neighbors at the bar to enrich the Irish songs with something strange.

Travel information Ireland

Capital Dublin
Form of government Parliamentary Republic
Parliamentary democracy
Currency Euro (EUR)
Area approx. 70,273 km²
Population approx. 4,761,900 (as of 2016)
Languages Irish, English
Electricity grid 230 Volt / 50 Hz
Area code +353
Time zone UTC±0
UTC+1 (March to October)