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The Gastein Valley, a picturesque alpine valley in Austria, offers a perfect blend of nature, culture and relaxation.

The healing thermal springs in Gastein have been known for centuries and invite you to take a health holiday.

The Gastein Alps are a paradise for hikers, skiers and nature lovers, with breathtaking mountain landscapes.

The charming village of Bad Gastein impresses with historic architecture and a cosmopolitan flair.

Gastein also offers world-class wellness facilities, including luxurious spa resorts.

Austrian hospitality and the opportunity to relax in nature make Gastein a year-round destination.

Whether you’re looking for adventure or just want to kick back, Gastein has something for everyone.

Snowlicious – the culinary event on Hochfügen’s slopes is entering its second round

The second round for Snowlicious, the series of pleasure events directly on Hochfügen’s slopes, was opened on 8 December. This winter, the 430 hp PRINOTH snow groomer will once again charge its mobile kitchen and let a DJ get in on the roof. New this season: changing award-winning chefs conjure up sumptuous appetizers from the snow groomer directly onto the...

Gastein Valley – so close to heaven

Curtain up for a great backdrop: on the horizon the three-thousand-metre peaks of the Hohe Tauern, on the valley floor the roaring Ache and in between slopes that invite you to hike in summer and snow sports in winter. With a view of the country, there is a unique landscape, spa houses and hotels – it is not surprising that Stefan Zweig, Thomas Mann and William...

What is true about the trend of forest bathing in Gastein

Shadow and light, green mosses, strong tree trunks. The rustling of the leaves from last year with every step. The dull sound of the forest floor, which gives way and gently cushions every step. The fresh scent of tree resin, which is particularly abundant in spruce trees – after all, the name spruce comes from the Indo-European “pik”, which means...

Summer holidays with Gasti: So much family fun in Gastein

40 km long, up to an altitude of over 3,000 metres and with three themed trails as well as the adventure mountains made for a family holiday in summer: this is Gastein im Pongau in the province of Salzburg – close to the border with Germany and in the middle of the Alps. Admittedly, the hike up the highest grass mountain in Europe, the Gamskarkogel at 2,467...

7 reasons why you should hike the Gastein Trail

Everyone knows the stories of sporty adventurers who cross the Alps. Conventional hikers admire these achievements and yet never think that they can become part of them. Because that’s not so far-fetched. The Gastein Trail is the ideal introduction to an adventurer’s life. But don’t worry, Gastein is not about pushing your own body to the limit...