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Bild: Gasteinertal Tourismus GmbH / shutterstock

Healthy on the mountain – conscious time-out with medical back-up

Studies show that more than three-quarters of Germans feel stressed and 40% alone suffer from back pain. The good news: There is a way out for the afflicted – holidays and cures in the Gastein Health Region.

You can promise a lot, but Gastein keeps its word. The health region has an ace up its sleeve: thermal water from 18 springs, which is enriched with valuable minerals and – very importantly – also the noble gas radon. But wait! Radon is slightly radioactive, isn’t it? That’s right. However, in small quantities, such as in the Gastein Healing Gallery and under medical supervision, it can work scientifically confirmed miracles. And that’s not an exaggeration. For ankylosing spondylitis patients who have no prospect of cure, radon therapy in the Gastein Healing Gallery is currently the world’s most effective cure for pain, which is also recognized by health insurance companies in Germany and Austria. The best thing about it: After a three-week cure, the pain relief lasts an average of nine months – this has also been scientifically proven.

Wellness Plus: Radon therapy for a health kick

Gastein Healing Gallery
© Gastein Healing Gallery

What is the point of Gastein health care if you are not sick? Quite simply: Holidays are there to recover, relax and leave everyday life behind. But Gastein goes one step further. Individual medical health treatments take regeneration to a higher level. Wellness, massages and cosmetic treatments in the two Gastein thermal baths are just the beginning. Radon therapy, healing gallery entrances and baths in the thermal water also activate the body’s self-healing powers. In short, this therapy stimulates the cells in the body to repair themselves.

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The mild alpha radiation activates a special messenger substance that reduces inflammation and promotes the natural healing process. The result: the immune system stabilizes and inflammation is reduced. This also benefits the back, which is plagued by a lot of sitting. In the spa centre or in selected spa and health accommodations, you can undergo individually tailored treatments under medical supervision. It doesn’t have to be the large-scale cure – you can also simply try two or three treatments on vacation and feel better afterwards. This is more than wellness – this is health care in the Gastein thermal region.

Rise to a healthy lifestyle

Yoga Gastein
Gasteinertal Tourismus GmbH

However, some have also been striving for a healthier lifestyle for a long time. In the chaos of everyday life and work stress, this is not so easy and again and again the inner weaker self wins over the good intentions. This is where Gastein can be the initial spark for a healthier life. It’s just much easier to motivate yourself to exercise when mountains rise up over 2,000 meters high outside the door. They are almost crying out to be climbed. This is also the case with the Mauskarspitze at 2,373 metres above sea level. After the ascent with the Schlossalmbahn, it first goes moderately across meadows into a cirque – i.e. a hollow on the mountain slope. Then follows the steep ascent over a rocky landscape, which is partly secured with ropes. At the top, the reward for the effort: a wide view of the Tüchlwand, the Hirschkarspitze, in the distance even as far as the Dachstein south face and the Hochkönig. Once you have mastered such a tour and proudly stand at the summit cross, it is easy to go up the mountains in the coming days. And if that’s a bit too far for you, you can try your hand at yoga in the Gastein Valley or walk along high-altitude trails, along valleys such as the Angertal or on promenades with sounding names. Empress Elisabeth and Kaiser Wilhelm have already been guests in Gastein and swear by the effects of Gastein’s thermal water.

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Two thermal baths for all connoisseurs

Felstentherme Gastein
Image: Felstentherme Gastein

Even the nobility knew: Relaxation is also part of a healthy lifestyle. Tired muscles recover on air bubble loungers, massage jets or in saunas and steam baths. Because the thermal water is so effective, there are two thermal baths in Gastein, the Alpentherme and the Felsentherme. While there are four theme worlds in the Alpentherme, one for families, one for relaxing, one for women only and a sauna village, the Felsentherme focuses on ambience with rocks of the Hohe Tauern and large panoramic windows. And because radon therapy only takes place under medical supervision, the noble gas is filtered out in the Gastein thermal baths. But not the valuable minerals. So everyone can dive into the soothing water kingdom without hesitation.

Healthy dishes and wellness for the palate

Gastronomy Gastein
Picture: Gasteinertal Tourismus GmbH

Finally, a healthy dinner. In the spa centre and at the spa and health partners, you can of course also get advice on nutrition. Inspiration for rich and balanced dishes can also be found in the accommodation or on the many alpine pastures and huts. How about a fresh buttermilk on the alpine pasture? With a lot of calcium and little fat. So it’s not difficult to eat healthy. And once you have acquired a taste for it on holiday, it is also easier to stick to your good intentions in everyday life. Because you can already tell during your holiday in Gastein how good it is for you. So get out of the office chair and towards the well-deserved healthy life!