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Kategorie – Norway

Norway, in the far north of Europe, is a country of breathtaking beauty and diverse nature.

The majestic fjords, including the famous Geirangerfjord, offer spectacular views and adventure.

The Arctic beckons with the Northern Lights and midnight sun, a dream for nature enthusiasts.

Oslo, the capital, impresses with modern architecture and lively culture.

The Norwegian cities of Bergen and Trondheim enchant with their history and picturesque old towns.

The country is a paradise for outdoor activities such as hiking, skiing and fishing.

Norwegian cuisine spoils you with fresh fish, reindeer meat and traditional cakes.

The hospitality of the Norwegians and their connection to nature make Norway a unique destination.

The most beautiful destinations in Norway

Norway is a beautiful country with a fascinating landscape, wild fjords and rugged rocks. Norway is always a worthwhile destination for nature lovers, active holidaymakers but also for those interested in culture and art. Oslo – the capital of Norway Oslo, the capital of Norway, is home to about a third of the Norwegian population. The city is particularly...

The Lofoten Islands – a destination of longing with silence and space

The Lofoten Islands, the archipelago north of the Arctic Circle, are a wild and quiet beauty. From the approximately 160-kilometre-long island chain of Norway , it is known that the summers there are only very short and the winters very long. But the people who have made Lofoten their home have long since come to terms with nature and its austere idyll. And on the...

Lapland – Lights in the far north

There are hardly any more beautiful corners than in winter at the Arctic Circle. Lapland and Finland are among the most romantic northern countries on earth. Snow covers the country like a silk dress, cold air blows around the noses of holidaymakers and there are polar animals that are not native to the rest of Europe, except perhaps in zoos. In winter, the Northern...

Bergen – the Queen of the Fjords

In Bergen, a dreamlike city of culture awaits you as the centre of a diverse holiday region. Norway’s second-largest city enchants with its picturesque location in the great triad of water, greenery and stone. Scattered over a labyrinth of wooded hills, fjord shores and islands, the old Hanseatic city immediately appeals to every visitor. Like an amphitheater...

Oslo – fascinating metropolis or hygge paradise on the fjord?

The answer is: both! Oslo is – what few people know – Europe’s largest capital in terms of area and Scandinavia’s oldest capital. Norway’s seat of government is also the Green Capital 2019. Above all, Oslo is wonderfully located, directly on the Oslo Fjord between forests, lakes and the sea. No wonder that the approximately 640,000...

Norway – to the waterfall of the “Seven Sisters”

Forests, clouds, water – these are the attributes of one of the most beautiful countries in the world – Norway. Norwegians are said to have a certain gratitude for their nature, if only because the gigantic fjords and mighty mountains of their homeland separate them from the rest of humanity. This is certainly a little exaggerated, because a large part of...