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Hungary, a country in Central Europe, is known for its rich culture and natural beauty.

The capital Budapest impresses with its historic thermal baths, majestic bridges and the picturesque Danube panorama.

The historic cities of Eger, Pécs and Szentendre are cultural treasures with charming old towns and museums.

The Puszta, the Hungarian Plain, offers the opportunity to experience horseback riding and discover the traditional Hungarian way of life.

Hungarian cuisine is famous for goulash, paprika and desserts such as strudel.

Hungary’s wine regions, especially Tokaj, are a wine lover’s paradise.

The friendly Hungarians warmly welcome visitors and invite them to explore their rich culture and history.

Hungary is a place that perfectly combines tradition and modernity and delights travelers with its diversity.

Budapest – a city full of secrets

The “Pearl of the Danube”, “Bridge City”, “the City of Baths” or “the Paris of the East” – hardly any other city combines as many attributes as the capital of Hungary. Budapest, the Hungarian metropolis, attracts more than 2 million visitors annually and is a must-see for city travelers. Not only because of the unique...

Traveling to Hungary by car in 2023

In 2023, the temptation to travel to Hungary by car has reached a new peak. With the opening of borders and the improvement of road infrastructure, a road trip through this enchanting Central European country becomes an exciting adventure. The captivating destinations, picturesque landscapes, rich cultural background, and hospitable locals make the country an ideal...

Magyarhertelend: A paradise for those seeking relaxation

If you are traveling in the southwest of Hungary and are looking for relaxation, the municipality of Magyarhertelend is the right place for you. Away from the big tourist crowds, you can enjoy the picturesque surroundings on the northern edge of the Mecsek Mountains here, about 20 kilometers from the university town of Pecs. Hikers and mountain bikers get their...

Balatonfüred – Traditional spa town on Lake Balaton

On the northern shore of Lake Balaton (Balaton) in western Hungary lies the pretty town of Balatonfüred. In English translation, Balatonfüred means Bad Balaton. The spa town has around 13,000 inhabitants and is located in the centre of the Balaton Riviera. The region of Balatonfüred was settled as early as Roman times. The first documented mention took place in 1211...

Lake Balaton – pure relaxation

Nestled in the western Hungarian landscape, Lake Balaton is considered the second most popular travel destination in Hungary. The pleasant climate, a beautiful landscape, hot springs and numerous sights make every holiday at Lake Balaton an unforgettable experience. While beach resorts and hotels have sprung up in large numbers on the southern shore of the lake, the...

Bad Hévíz – the enchanting spa town on the thermal lake

Located on the Hungarian spa road, the spa town of Bad Heviz is a very special destination. The city is located on the largest natural thermal lake in the world. Characterized by historic spa facilities and embedded in a particularly picturesque landscape, the small town offers the opportunity to experience Hungary from its most beautiful side. Cures not far from...

Hungary – where the vines ripen in Transdanubia

The sun of summer has baked the old walls of the village warm. It is the region where swallows feel very comfortable and where the bees buzz around the fig trees. Here, in the south of Hungary, the soil is fertile, and it allows a good wine to flourish. We are talking about Transdanubia, one of the most romantic regions in Hungary. There, where Danube Swabians...

Tihany – picturesque mountain village at Lake Balaton

On the northern shore of Lake Balaton in Hungary, the largest inland lake in Europe, lies the village of Tihany. The village is located on the peninsula of the same name, its centre is picturesquely enthroned more than 80 metres above the water, visible from afar. Regional cuisine, Hungarian folklore and interesting leisure activities attract numerous visitors every...