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Orfű, Bild: Droneandy / shutterstock

Magyarhertelend: A paradise for those seeking relaxation

If you are traveling in the southwest of Hungary and are looking for relaxation, the municipality of Magyarhertelend is the right place for you. Away from the big tourist crowds, you can enjoy the picturesque surroundings on the northern edge of the Mecsek Mountains here, about 20 kilometers from the university town of Pecs. Hikers and mountain bikers get their money’s worth in the 600-inhabitant municipality of Magyarhertelend as well as holidaymakers who simply want to relax and unwind. In the surrounding towns you will also find numerous small and large sights that are always worth a visit.

One of the most beautiful thermal baths in Europe

The region is known throughout Europe above all for its large thermal and healing spa near the town of Orfü, which attracts thousands of visitors from all over Europe every year – either for a day visit, as part of a cure lasting several weeks or as a family holiday in a cosy guesthouse in Magyarhertelend. The pool is considered one of the most beautiful in all of Europe. On an area of three hectares, visitors can enjoy a wide range of bathing and recreational opportunities and various saunas in a total of ten pools. These include a wide variety of massages and numerous health treatments.

In the large outdoor area of the bath, beaches, extensive parks and even a medicinal garden await guests. The volcanic thermal water, which is rich in minerals, is said to have a healing effect. The salt cave is also extremely popular due to the proven therapeutic effect of salt. Children are guaranteed not to miss out thanks to a playground and volleyball court. The pool is open all year round. Not far from the large thermal baths there are numerous natural lakes that invite you to fish as well as swim. In the vicinity of Magyarhertelend there are some smaller sights, such as a large observation tower and the Roman Catholic church Fájdalmas Anya.

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Unforgettable excursions: Abaliget, Orfü and Pecs

Due to the Mediterranean climate and the foothills of the Mecsek Mountains, the region is also very popular with many hikers and climbers. After all, the region has numerous natural attractions in store. If you just want to enjoy the peace and quiet, you can explore the area on foot as part of a leisurely walk. A destination that should not be missed are the stalactite caves of Abaliget. The 500-meter-long cave, which was discovered back in the 18th century, is home to more than 41 different species of bats.

Pécs, Hungarian Capital of Culture 2010
Pécs, the Unesco City of Culture 2010, Image: magico110 / shutterstock

The salty air ensures a healing climate in the cave. Riding holidaymakers will also find perfect conditions in the municipality of Magyarhertelend thanks to the many meadows and paths. Beach vacationers and water sports enthusiasts are in the right place at Lake Orfü. Three artificially created lakes offer perfect conditions for swimming and a wide variety of water sports. In Orfű, you will find a picturesque lake where you can go canoeing, pedal boating and sailing, among other things. The smallest of the three lakes, the Herman-Ottó-tó, is a popular nature reserve, mainly due to the large fish population. Fishing is allowed here. Due to the numerous offers, Orfü has become a popular tourist center in recent years.

The city of Pecs is also always worth a visit. The UNESCO Capital of Culture of 2010, which is also known as the City of Monuments and Museums, impresses with its historic old town with many old buildings and its many cultural offerings. Among the most important sights of the city are the impressive Cathedral of St. Peter and Paul on the central square Szent István in the center of the city, the large Bishop’s Palace and the National Theatre. There are numerous accommodations throughout the region. In addition to some hotels, there are many holiday homes and apartments as well as tent sites.

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Best time to visit Magyarhertelend

The best time to travel to Magyarhertelend is not only the high season from April to October. During this time, pleasant temperatures between 25 and 40 degrees Celsius prevail.

Especially in the winter months, a visit to Hungary’s most famous sauna park in the Magyarhertelend thermal bath is worthwhile.