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Kategorie – Finland

Finland, a fascinating country in Northern Europe, invites travelers to discover its stunning nature, modern cities, and unique culture.

The capital Helsinki impresses with its architecture, design and cultural diversity.

Finnish nature offers thousands of lakes, endless forests and the mystical Northern Lights in Lapland.

The traditional sauna culture is a must, as are the culinary delights such as Ruisleipä and reindeer meat.

The hospitality of the Finns is warm, and you will feel welcome in the relaxed atmosphere of this country.

Finland is a country of contrasts, where modernity meets tradition and natural wonders meet cultural treasures. It is a destination for explorers who want to experience the beauty of this unique country.

Lapland – Lights in the far north

There are hardly any more beautiful corners than in winter at the Arctic Circle. Lapland and Finland are among the most romantic northern countries on earth. Snow covers the country like a silk dress, cold air blows around the noses of holidaymakers and there are polar animals that are not native to the rest of Europe, except perhaps in zoos. In winter, the Northern...

Finland – many quiet lakes and a white city

A “Land of a Thousand Lakes”? Some Finns are of the opinion that this figure is still far understated. No one has counted the lakes in Finland exactly, but this Scandinavian region has much more to offer than just its cool waters. This is a world full of archipelagos with blood-red wooden houses, interesting coastal towns, wilderness trails, raging...

The Christmas Village in Rovaniemi in Finnish Lapland

The world-famous Christmas village, where Santa Claus is at home, is located in Rovaniemi, Finland, in Lapland, the home of the Finnish indigenous people – the Sami. In the snow-covered forest, you can meet Santa Claus every day in the Christmas village and cross the magical Arctic Circle. The lovable old man with a white beard spends every day in the Christmas...

Helsinki – the daughter of the Baltic Sea

On the north coast of the Gulf of Finland, on a rugged granite peninsula, lies Helsinki – an architectural gem and the spiritual centre of Finland. The lively city by the sea conveys a refreshing and at the same time relaxed rhythm with its enchanting islands, magnificent parks and cultural institutions. Old wooden house districts harmonize with modern architecture...