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Oman, a country in the east of the Arabian Peninsula, is a place where history meets modernity and nature shines in all its glory. This welcoming destination offers a variety of experiences for adventurers, culture buffs, and nature lovers.

The capital, Muscat, is characterized by stunning architecture, including the impressive Sultan Qaboos Mosque and the Royal Opera House. The Mutrah Souk is a lively market where you can find exotic spices, handicrafts and antiques.

Oman is rich in natural wonders, from endless sand dunes in the Wahiba Desert to the dramatic peaks of the Hajar Mountains. Also known as the “Grand Canyon of the Middle East,” Jebel Shams offers spectacular views.

Oman’s coastline stretches for 3,000 kilometres and is a paradise for water sports enthusiasts. Here you can go diving, snorkeling, surfing and sailing. The wadis, river oases in the arid interior, offer opportunities for hiking and swimming in crystal clear waters.

Oman has a rich cultural tradition that comes alive in museums, festivals and traditional villages. The country prides itself on its hospitality, and you will be warmly welcomed and can enjoy the local cuisine, such as shuwa (slow-cooked lamb) and maqbous (spiced rice with meat).

Oman is a country that has retained its unique identity while opening up to tourism. It is a place where you can discover the diversity of the Arabian Peninsula, from the desert to the sea, from tradition to modernity. Oman is a hidden treasure waiting to be explored.

Muscat: port city on the Gulf of Oman

In the southeast of the Arabian Peninsula lies the state of Oman, which is known for its breathtakingly beautiful nature and culture. The country’s approximately five million inhabitants, who live mainly in the cities of Oman, are considered hospitable. Oman impresses with its long coastline, which runs along the Indian Ocean, the Gulf of Oman and part of the...

Astro-Tourism in Oman: Stargazing in 1001 Nights

Desert and great starry skies, these two belong together for very specific reasons. The desert is a place without air pollution and without artificial light. If you love stargazing, galaxies, the Milky Way or the rings of Saturn, then you are a stargazer and potential astro-tourist and then Oman is an interesting destination for you. During the pandemic, the...

Oman – from the Middle Ages to the Modern Age

This region seems barren, and it is almost deserted. And yet she is of a sensitive beauty. Oman enjoys a diverse landscape. Sometimes it is dry as dust and dominated by the color brown, and a little later it presents itself with a sea of royal palms thanks to a sophisticated system of canals in the Jebel Akhdar Mountains. The Arab sultanate on the Strait of Hormuz...

Salalah in the Sultanate of Oman: Between coral reefs and incense

Holidays in Oman? In Salalah? Anyone who plays with this idea is certainly still one of the exotics among the common Western tourists. And this despite the fact that Oman, and especially the city of Salalah in the southwest of the Sultanate, has Caribbean-like beaches, excellent diving spots, natural wonders between palm trees and breathtaking UNESCO World Heritage...