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Huawei Matebook


Do you want to replace your old laptop with a new one? If so, then stop here because you are exactly where you need to be. People who want a professional laptop that has enough ports for occasional productivity can’t go wrong with the Huawei Matebook D 16. Well, the name reveals the size of the display of 16-inch screen with a screen resolution of 1920 × 1200 pixels.

Everyone knows that the laptop’s 16:10 aspect ratio is ideal for achieving high productivity in the professional field. With an impressive screen-to-body ratio of 90%, the company has managed to cram the large display very well into a typical 16-inch body.

The pleasantly surprised color combinations are very exciting as they bring a pleasant vibrancy that gives you an experience worth seeing. In addition, the accuracy of vibrancy and combinations will give you enough confidence to edit your images at a professional level. For these reasons, we consider it a handy tool for getting your tasks done.

Take a deep look at the overall construction:

People are usually attracted to the external appearance without knowing whether the product is original or not. However, smart shoppers have clever tricks to help them choose the highest quality product. Our main concern in the article is to highlight all the important details about the Huawei Matebook 16 as it is our responsibility to guide you properly. To have easy access, it is better to explore our official website and get all the details about huawei matebook clearly. If you want to have an overview of the internal structure, then just keep following us and understand every point.

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Noise-cancelling microphones:

Microphones with active noise cancellation are not only present in mobile phones, but are also installed in laptops. In this day and age, laptops are widely used in the business world for performing online tasks, online meetings, conference calls, and many more. There are four microphones that are responsible for eliminating and reaching the sound at an angle of 360 ° with a maximum radius of 5 meters. This makes the audio clearer than ever before.

  • Acaheive sound conversion at 360°.
  • Eliminates unwanted noise at extreme levels.

Huawei Metallic Antenna:

Most likely, 95% of buyers are not aware that the Huawei Matebook D 16 comes with a metal antenna that ensures the stability of networks in environments where there is a major problem with network stability. In this way, the unique antenna technology present in the systems plays an important role in the efficient conversion of singles. This also helps to increase network stability and accelerate overall performance.

  • 56% conversion efficiency.
  • Download large files easily.

Important ports of Huawei D16:

The compatible connectors allow you to connect the system to multiple devices, allowing a variety of smart devices to act as a cohesive entry. In addition, cross-device search allows easy browsing and management of all documents in the system using the connected device.

  • Collaborate from multiple devices.
  • Wireless projection.
  • Just drag on the main screen to connect to other devices.