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Enjoy water sports on holiday with swimming trunks from UAKKO

The ultimate invention for all water sports enthusiasts.

With the swim trunks from UAKKO, valuables are safely stowed away and always within reach. The functional clothing offers a waterproof bag that keeps your smartphone, money and valuables safe and well protected against water.

Beach vacation, swimming, sup paddling, sailing, kayaking or surfing – the more active you want to be in the water, the more difficult it becomes to store your valuables safely. The swim trunks from UAKKO offer the right protection thanks to a waterproof pocket on the side.

The patented bag is closed by a snap closure and Velcro fastener and has been high-frequency welded. It thus keeps valuables dry and all water sports including scuba diving can be carried out. The bag has a transparent touchscreen surface, so the phone can also be operated in the bag. Nothing stands in the way of special photo and film recordings.

UAKKO offers various swim trunks, which are available in long and medium, in their own uakko-southgermany.shop. The swimsuit models also consist of different patterns, colours and styles, so that nothing has to be sacrificed in terms of fashion. The waterproof bag offers space for more than just a smartphone and visually flows into the style of the swim trunks.


Press release by:
UAKKO Germany

The owners of the company UAKKO Germany are 2 brothers Tim and Tom Schmidt and come from the wild south near Stuttgart.


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