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Competition: Win 1 of 2 cinema packages for the film BERNHARD HOETGER


Bernhard Hoetger (1874 – 1949) would have been 150 years old on 4 May! A reason to dedicate this year to this artist in terms of art history. In addition to the film BERNHARD HOETGER – Between the Worlds (produced by the Bremen-based production company Kinescope Film), an anniversary exhibition of the Worpswede museums entitled ›Bernhard Hoetger. Between the Worlds‹ another great way to meet the artist and his oeuvre. The feature film and exhibition ensemble complement each other wonderfully and try to approach Bernhard Hoetger, who was a celebrated and highly controversial artist during his lifetime, in their own way.

For the cinema release on July 25, we are giving away 2 cinema sets, each consisting of 2 tickets for the cinema screening and the book Walks in Worpswede (CARL SCHÜNEMANN VERLAG)

Clear map sections, detailed directions, an extensive service section and lots of photos make the book the ideal walking companion.


His buildings and sculptures still attract attention today, but their creator is almost forgotten: the sculptor and architect Bernhard Hoetger. The 90-minute feature film by Gabriele Rose tells the fate of this idiosyncratic artist. Hoetger is embodied by the actor Moritz Führmann. At his side are Florian Lukas as Heinrich Vogeler, Katharina Stark as Paula Modersohn-Becker and Ulrich Gebauer as Ludwig Roselius, among others.

Hoetger belongs to the avant-garde of the early 20th century. He was able to win over numerous patrons. Ludwig Roselius, for example, had him design parts of Bremen’s Böttcherstraße. In Worpswede, it shapes the image that visitors associate with the artists’ village today. In the mid-1920s, Hoetger embarked on a “Nordic” path. Despite his nationalist ideas, Adolf Hitler had Hoetger’s works classified as “degenerate”. In the film, experts and historical companions (played by actors) have their say, whose descriptions are based on original quotes from the historical figures. In this way, fictional elements are mixed with documentary footage, archive materials and works of art. The result is a multifaceted picture of the painter, sculptor and architect Bernhard Hoetger.

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