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Guatemala, a country in Central America, fascinates with its rich culture, breathtaking landscapes and historical treasures.

Ancient Mayan ruins such as Tikal and Copán take visitors back to the fascinating past.

Colorful markets like Chichicastenango feature handmade arts and traditional handicrafts.

The volcanic landscape, including the active Pacaya volcano, is a paradise for hikers and adventurers.

The colonial cities of Antigua and Quetzaltenango impress with their historic charm.

The local cuisine spoils you with tamales, cocoa and fresh fruits.

The hospitable people and rich culture make Guatemala an unforgettable destination in Central America.

Guatemala: land of the Mayans and the rainforests

What many people in Europe don’t know is that Guatemala literally means land of trees. And that’s exactly what visitors to Guatemala can expect when they travel to the Central American country. It is teeming with natural beauty and primeval forests with an extensive tree population. Volcanoes and exciting wildlife can also be admired. Culture freaks will...