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Angola – In this unspoiled country, travelers will encounter diverse and spectacular landscapes and great biodiversity. But a trip to Angola is not only worthwhile for nature lovers: Luanda has a lot to offer in its culture and history.

Angola – the underestimated natural paradise of South West Africa

As a fascinating and often underestimated destination, Angola has so far been spared mass tourism. This makes a trip to the south-west African country a special travel destination. In addition to lively cities and authentic villages, it is the beautiful nature of the country that captivates travelers. Rich in mineral resources and uniquely beautiful in terms of...

Luanda – Cosmopolitan feeling in Africa

Luanda is the name of the newest and hottest place-to-be for a holiday in Africa. The capital of the south-west African country of Angola, located north of Namibia, has 6.9 million inhabitants. The official language is Portuguese and a relic from the five-hundred-year colonial era. When Angola became the world’s largest oil producer, a construction boom by...