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Kategorie – Algeria

In terms of area, Algeria is the largest country on the African continent. The capital of Algeria is Algiers.

Algeria – Insider tip for backpackers

Despite its size and proximity to mainland Europe, Algeria is often overlooked. It is not yet a popular tourist destination, but that is precisely why this mysterious country in North Africa is a real insider tip for all backpackers who want to have a unique and down-to-earth experience. The most important facts about Algeria at a glance In terms of area, Algeria is...

Algiers – North African metropolis on the Mediterranean Sea

Algiers – The capital and namesake of Algeria is the center of the country with its almost 4 million inhabitants. Located directly on the Mediterranean Sea, the city has always played a leading role in the country’s economic development. The combination of French colonial style and oriental charm also makes Algiers very popular with tourists. How to get to...