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Costa Rica, a small country in Central America, charms travelers with its stunning nature, biodiversity, and sustainable way of life.

The capital, San José, offers cultural insights and vibrant markets.

The rainforests and national parks such as Tortuguero National Park are retreats for animal lovers and adventurers.

Volcanoes such as the Arenal and Poás rivers offer spectacular views and geothermal wonders.

Costa Rica’s coastlines are characterized by Caribbean and Pacific beauty, ideal for surfing, diving, and relaxing.

The sustainable way of life and environmental protection are deeply rooted in Costa Rica and are reflected in the numerous protected areas.

The hospitality of the Ticos, as the locals are called, is warm and authentic.

Costa Rica is a country that appeals to nature lovers and adventurers alike, a place where you can experience the wonders of biodiversity firsthand.

Costa Rica – the land of the Fire Mountains

Lush rainforests, partly still active volcanic landscapes and dense jungles, you can discover all this on your Costa Rica round trip! Not only nature has an enormous number of facets to offer, but also the capital San José, which impresses with its cultural buildings. Tortuguero National Park One of the most breathtaking national parks is located in the northeast on...

Costa Rica – green paradise between the seas

It’s green in Costa Rica – very green. And the jungle begins at the door of the hotel. Christopher Columbus gave this paradisiacal stretch of land the name: “Rich Coast”. And since the explorer in 1502 probably did not mean the wealth of natural resources, but was probably more fascinated by the gold jewelry of the natives, he felt this...