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Welcome to Wales, a country of breathtaking beauty and rich history. This destination in the UK offers a wealth of experiences that will delight both nature lovers and culture buffs.

The natural beauty

Wales is famous for its stunning scenery. The Snowdonia Mountains in the northwest are a paradise for hikers and mountaineers. Mount Snowdon, the highest mountain in Wales and England, awaits adventure seekers. On the west coast, you’ll find rugged cliffs lined with a picturesque coastline. The Pembrokeshire Coast and Gower Peninsula are perfect for walking and water sports.

Historical treasures

Wales has a rich history that echoes in its ancient castles and chateaux. Cardiff Castle, Caernarfon Castle and Conwy Castle are just a few examples of these impressive structures. Step back in time and explore the medieval fortresses that bear witness to Wales’ turbulent history.

Cultural diversity

Welsh culture is vibrant and unique. The Welsh language, called Cymraeg, is still spoken by many locals, and you will be able to experience the fascinating Celtic culture. Music and singing are of great importance in Wales, and be sure to attend a traditional Eisteddfod festival to experience the musical passion of the Welsh.

Culinary delights

Welsh cuisine surprises with delicious dishes such as cawl (a traditional stew soup), bara brith (a fruity bread) and laverbread (a seaweed dish). You can also sample the famous Welsh cheeses and craft beers produced in the region.

Activities for adventurers

Wales offers numerous opportunities for outdoor activities. You can try kayaking, mountain biking, rock climbing, surfing and much more. The Wales Coast Path stretches over 1,400 kilometres and offers unparalleled walking experiences along the coast.

Cardiff – Capital of South Wales

Wales is located in the southwest of Great Britain and you might think that time has stood still. It is known for its enchanting natural landscapes, countless hills and valleys, rugged coastlines, a total of three national parks, its historic buildings, its Celtic culture, its special Welsh language and the hospitality of the people. The clocks seem to tick more...

Wales – A country between myth and legend

Wales borders England to the east and the Irish Sea to the west. The Welsh are known for their hospitality and tranquillity. In addition, many Welsh landscapes are closely linked to the legends of King Arthur. The flag of the Welsh shows a red dragon. The legend tells of a fight between a white and a red dragon. The red dragon, despite its initial inferiority, would...