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Die Havasu Falls im Grand Canyon, Bild: ronnybas frimages / shutterstock

USA – The land of unlimited opportunities

The often and often cited unlimited possibilities – as far as travel is concerned, these still apply to the USA without restrictions. The USA is a fascinating, infinitely versatile destination and a very comfortable one at that. The Americans have always been a people who traveled a lot and so there is still everything the traveler needs everywhere in the country, from accommodation to many services to a rich selection of food. Enriched with the open friendliness of the Americans, the USA is such a country that you can easily discover on your own. How about, for example, one of the almost proverbial road trips over the dusty roads of the southwest? Or should it be a beach holiday in Florida ? Skiing in Colorado? Wild West experiences in Montana? Hiking in Tennessee? Thanks to its size, the USA offers an almost inexhaustible variety of individual design options all year round and thus has something to offer for every type of holidaymaker.

The skyline of New York, Image: cocozero / shutterstock

Numerous international flight connections make almost every corner of the country easily accessible. Among the most popular destinations for foreign visitors are the beaches of Florida, the street canyons and skyscrapers of New York, the sun-drenched coasts of California and the eternally tempting entertainment paradise of Las Vegas. But between the coasts, many more travel adventures await those hungry for adventure. In the New England region, for example, charming fishing villages can be discovered in the northeast, in the south magnificent architecture and relaxed atmosphere beckon, and the southwest has numerous unique natural monuments, for example in Texas, Arizona or Utah. It would probably take many lives to be able to discover all this in detail, especially since Alaska and Hawaii are two fascinating destinations outside the continental borders.

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The most famous road in the world: Route 66, Image: trekandshoot / shutterstock

Where there is so much to experience, there is of course also a comprehensive range of leisure activities. As a spectator, you can experience first-class sport in usually state-of-the-art stadiums, and those who want to get active themselves will also find plenty of opportunity to do so between golf courses, ski slopes and sports facilities. In the cities, there is also a huge cultural offer, from world-class museums to great theatres and spectacular festivals. The different regions of the country differ significantly from each other, which can also be seen in terms of culinary delights. From the jambalaya in New Orleans to the clam chowder in Massachusetts to the authentic barbecue in Texas. The USA is a country of unlimited travel discoveries and can quickly turn out to be a dream destination for every holidaymaker.

The states of the USA (in brackets capitals)

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Information about the USA

Capital Washington, D.C.
Form of government Federal Republic
Presidential system
Currency U.S. Dollar (USD)
Area approx. 9,826,675 km²
Population approx. 327,774,344 (2018)
Languages English
Electricity grid 120 volts, 60 Hz
Area code +1
Time zone UTC−5 to UTC−10