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Blick auf die Skyline von Richmond, Bild: Sean Pavone / shutterstock

Holidays in Richmond – Virginia’s historic capital

Founded in 1607 by the English, the capital of Richmond Virginia is a very special travel destination. Richmond’s vibrant past makes the hearts of history buffs beat faster. Although the city maintains its historical heritage, it is not stuck in the past, but also enchants with modern districts, versatile shopping opportunities, innovative restaurants and also inspires art and culture lovers.

Both Richmond itself and the surrounding area invite you to explore. Wonderful excursion destinations, countless sights and numerous attractions beckon. Ultimately, it is the special atmosphere of the city that makes a stay an unforgettable experience. The city on the James River skilfully combines opposites and so Richmond offers some highlights that surprise.

National Historic Landmarks and Other Historic Landmarks

James River Bridge, Richmond
The James River Bridge, Image: Tracey Mershon / shutterstock

Richmond has a particularly high density of historic landmarks. These include the Virginia State Capitol, built in 1785, and the James Monroe Tomb, the tomb of American President James Monroe, which was built in the neo-Gothic style in 1858. But the number of historic sights from different eras is long, as over 220 buildings and sites in the city are listed in the National Register of Historic Places. So there’s a lot to discover on every walk through Richmond’s historic center. To head for the city’s most important historical landmarks, the 10 km long Liberty Trail is worthwhile. The route can be easily mastered on foot as well as by Segway and sightseeing buses also like to drive this route.

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One of the absolute highlights is St. John’s, the oldest church in Richmond. The Hollywood Cemetery is also an attraction, because not only did President James Monroe find his final resting place here, but also President John Tyler’s grave was buried here. In addition to the two presidents, 18,000 soldiers from the American Civil War were also buried in the historic cemetery in Richmond. It’s also worth following the Richmond Slave Trail, which offers deep insights into the transatlantic slave trade, which is also part of the city’s history. But the Cathedrale of the Sacred Heart or Monument Avenue with its magnificent villas from the 19th century are also among the city’s numerous sights.

Richmond’s fascinating museum landscape

Richmond Battlefield Park
Out and about in Richmond Battlefield Park, Image: Zack Frank / shutterstock

During a stay in Richmond, it is worth exploring the city’s diverse and fascinating museum landscape. Since the city was the official residence of the President of the Southern States during the Civil War, it is not surprising that the Museum of the Confederacy, a museum of the city, has the Civil War as its theme. If you want to learn more about the city’s history, you should not miss a visit to the Valentine Museum, which is the oldest museum in the city and is now located in the Wickham House, which is itself one of the city’s historical sights.

But there is also a museum dedicated to the great writer Edgar Allan Poe, who spent a large part of his life in Richmond. Art lovers should also not miss a visit to the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts. But museums such as the Tredegar Iron Works (industrial museum) or the interactive Science Museum of Virginia also have a lot to offer. One of the city’s younger museums is the Virginia Holocaust Museum, which impresses with moving exhibitions and an integrated synagogue.

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Experience and enjoy contrasts

Of course, Richmond is also a modern city and so you can also enjoy modern city life in Virginia’s capital. A detour to Carytown is particularly recommended. The area in the Museums District is characterized by over 200 shops and numerous restaurants. But Carytown is also home to the traditional farmers’ market and junk shops. But if you stroll through Richmond, you can also enjoy renowned street art or discover the city’s best breweries on the Craft Beer Trail. But the international Raceway is also one of the attractions in the city, because the NASCAR Sprint Cup takes place here, among other things.

But due to the idyllic location directly on the James River and surrounded by a gentle hilly landscape, nature can also be enjoyed in and around Richmond. The river invites you to swim and anglers also get their money’s worth here. Hiking along the river is just as much an experience as kayaking, because Virginia is one of the most scenic states in the USA. So it is also worthwhile to plan trips to the surrounding area for your stay in Richmond, because there is also a lot to discover in the green landscape.