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Die George Washington Statue im Public Garden in Boston, Bild: Sean Pavone / shutterstock

Boston – the elegant cosmopolitan city

Boston is the cosmopolitan center of technology and finance, education, art and culture, sports, and major historical highlights on the northeastern American coast.

The largest city in New England and the capital of the US state of Massachusetts attracts millions of tourists from all over the world with its overwhelming, historic attractions. Boston enchants its residents and visitors every day anew with its indescribable charm and knows how to seduce its guests with its impulsive dynamics and impressive city highlights.

Discover the real Boston

Skyline Boston
The skyline of Boston at night, Image: RomanSlavik.com / shutterstock

The graceful and at the same time dignified city on Massachusetts Bay has over 620,000 inhabitants, in the metropolitan region there are more than 4,552,000 inhabitants, which give this dynamic city its vibrant, multicultural character. The vibrant city enchants with its youthful charm, as the metropolis is largely determined by the countless students who study at Boston’s renowned universities and college institutions. Harvard and MIT universities are leading elite schools and a real magnet for ambitious students and the international academic scene.

Attractions in Boston

The city is a place steeped in history: The Boston Tea Party began the American War of Independence on Boston Harbor in December 1773.

Massachusetts State House Boston
The Massachusetts State House, Image: Sean Pavone / shutterstock

The well-known Boston Freedom Trail, the approximately 4 km long “Path of Freedom”, which leads past 16 important attractions and sites of US history, is a reminder of this. The Freedom Trail begins in the city’s oldest public park Boston Common (1634) and includes such fabulous hotspots as the Massachusetts State House (1789), the Robert Gould Shaw Memorial, The Park St. Church, King’s Chapel, Boston Latin School, the Old South Meeting House, where questions and essential aspects of independence were discussed for the first time.

The Old Corner Bookstore, one of Boston’s oldest brick buildings, is famous for the numerous meetings of literary luminaries such as Harriet-Beecher Stowe, Nathanael Hawthorn, Charles Dickerson and Ralph Waldo Emerson. One of the most outstanding stations on the Freedom Trail is the Old State House (1713), where the Declaration of Independence in Boston was read out for the first time, which is still recited every year on July 4 from the “Old State House”.

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The “Cradle of Freedom” Faneuil Hall (1742) is located near the waterfront and is now not only an important part of Boston’s Freedom Trail, but also a dynamic marketplace.

Boston Harbor
Boston Harbor, Image: Marcio José Bastos Silva / shutterstock

Back Bay in southwest Boston was considered the most elegant district during its absolute heyday. In the 19th century, some of the world’s hottest architects built what is probably the most imposing residential district of the city on the artificially created Back Bay with noble and aesthetic buildings in the Romanesque and Victorian styles. It was once home to the nation’s wealthiest families, famous merchants, influential politicians, and wealthy industrialists. Some of the stately estates are now open to the public and make every visitor’s heart beat faster with their exclusive ballrooms, richly decorated dining rooms and extensive gardens and parks.

Boston is the city that has the right concept for every visitor. The world-famous, oldest baseball stadium in the USA, Fenway Park, has been the home stadium of the Red Sox since 1912. The impressive baseball stadium is a unique highlight for any baseball-loving Boston visitor, especially when the Boston Red Sox give their best in a home game. The Fenway Park Stadium experience has retained its original appeal and dynamism of the old days and is definitely not to be missed.

Highlights and special events

Lighthouse Boston
Image: DMS Foto / shutterstock

The smart city of fantastic residential districts has numerous surprises in store for visitors to Boston. Winter guests should not miss ice skating on the “Frog Pond” on Boston Common – a wonderful experience! The “Memorial Day Garden of Flags” is definitely one of the very special, rousing events in Boston Common! A visit to the Public Garden, the first botanical garden in the Americas, is an attractive attraction for young and old all year round due to its numerous monuments, rich, luxuriantly flowering and unusual plants and the magnificent lake. The unique swan boats, with which you can really unwind on the lake, are particularly enthusiastic.

Those lucky enough to visit Boston for Mother’s Day will find a lot of fun and joy at the surprising Duckling Day Parade ! Thousands of children march through the public park on this day, dressed as one of the many main characters from the book “Make way for the ducklings”. A charming spectacle!

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Piers Park
View from Piers Park, Image: f11photo / shutterstock

Beacon Hill is one of Boston’s most traditional neighborhoods. With its inviting, picturesque cobblestone alleys, federally styled terraced houses, and nostalgic gas lanterns along the streets, the historic site offers visitors a piece of legendary history in an authentic atmosphere. Part of it is Acorn Street, probably the most photographed street in Boston. Built in 1807, the Charles Street Meeting House is a historic church that served the anti-slavery movement before the Civil War. For a few hours of relaxation and recreation in a sensationally beautiful park, the Charles River Esplanade is simply the perfect place. The fabulous landscape park is also the venue for concerts and rowing boat competitions.

Cobblestone street, Beacon Hill
Cobblestone street in Beacon Hill, Image: cdrin / shutterstock

Every year on Patriots Day in April, the Boston Marathon is held, with the finish line in Back Bay. More than 20,000 marathon enthusiasts from all over the world take part in this important marathon event.

Gastronomy and shopping

After a long walk in Boston’s Historic Downtown, traditional, historic taverns and original Irish pubs await their guests with a wide, completely appealing menu variety. The exclusive restaurants in Beacon Hill are an insider tip. Here, visitors can enjoy excellent local specialties and international culinary highlights in charming restaurants.

Boston is a cosmopolitan city with a modern face and has a variety of large shopping malls, boutiques and outlets.

Boston: Optimal time to visit

Image: Galiptynutz / shutterstock

Due to its immediate location on the northeast coast to the Atlantic Ocean, Boston is strongly influenced by cool air currents and moisture supply. The average summer temperatures are between 24°C and 27°C, which drop to 22°C to 17°C in autumn. In June, July and August, an average of 8 to 9 hours of sunshine can be expected daily, while it rains on about 8 days. It gets particularly cold in the winter months of December, January and February, with average temperatures around -5°C to -7°C. The perfect time to travel for an extensive Boston city trip is between late April and early November, when weather conditions are ideal for exploring Boston and its many wonderful highlights.