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Blue Ridge Parkway Nationalpark, Bild: Dave Allen Photography / shutterstock

North Carolina – land between mountains and sea

The state of North Carolina is one of the original thirteen colonies and was also the state that was the first to have a fortification in the British colonies. Over the years, North Carolina has been at the center of the various conflicts that have defined U.S. history. From the battles against the Native Americans to the Civil War in the United States, they have always played an important role. Today, North Carolina is primarily a melting pot between the cultures of the North and the South, is considered one of the home states of barbecue and is also known for its diverse national parks, which attract millions of visitors every year.

State of contradictions and traditions

North Carolina can be divided into three different climate zones and has everything to offer from a picturesque coastline with great beaches in the summer to mountain peaks with snow all year round. While swamps are home to the American crocodile here and there, in other parts of the state you can hike along waterfalls or mountain bike through the countryside. In addition, North Carolina offers a lot of unique American culture. The BBQ Trail has become a highlight not only in the States, but far beyond, and the restaurants in North Carolina offer the state’s unique barbecue in excellent restaurants.

The contradiction is also evident in the fact that while North Carolina is a state where you can experience nature in an impressive way, it is also one of the most popular summer destinations. Many people from all over the USA come to the coasts here to spend their time on the beach, relax a bit and fill the wide sandy beaches with life. All this while somewhere in the west there is still snow on some of the highest peaks in the USA. So it’s no wonder that North Carolina is always talked about as a state of contradictions and diversity.

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Discover the most beautiful sights in North Carolina

Great Smokey Mountains

When it comes to natural sights in North Carolina, you won’t be able to avoid the Great Smokey Mountains. It is the most visited national park in the United States, ahead of the famous Yellowstone National Park, which is probably much better known outside the USA. The Great Smokey Mountains not only offer fascinating views, but also a very special form of vacation. In cozy accommodations at the foot of the mountains or even in the hills, you will find peace from everyday life and a base for excursions and adventures of all kinds. From climbing to hiking to simple sightseeing of the natural wonders in guided tours, everything you could wish for from an adventure holiday in the mountains is offered here.

Outer Banks

Bodie Island, Outer Bank
Bodie Island on the Outer Banks, Image: MarkVanDykePhotography / shutterstock

The island chain of the Outer Banks can be reached by tours, especially from the coastal villages, and offers untouched nature, broken only by some of the historic lighthouses that warned sailors about the sometimes rugged coasts of North Carolina centuries ago. Those who are already on the coast can also enjoy one of the many sandy beaches, which attract holidaymakers from all over the country, especially in summer. Pleasant temperatures until deep into autumn sweeten the stay and invite you to take a dip in the Atlantic.


Bitmore, North Carolina
Bitmore, Image: Konstantin L / shutterstock

If you want to experience nature in a different form, you should go to the Bitmore estate. The largest private house in the USA not only has over 250 rooms, but also beautiful manicured gardens that have survived even the centuries. George Washington was one of the co-founders of this property, on the grounds of which several hotels can also be found today. Just the right thing if you want to dive deep into the history of North Carolina and the USA.

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Culture and sights in North Carolina

Skyline von Raleigh
View of the Raleigh skyline, Image: Farid Sani / shutterstock

There’s a lot to discover about the state’s traditions, and two cities in particular are recommended: Raleigh and Charlotte. While Raleigh may be the state’s capital, Charlotte is of course a household name for anyone familiar with American history. This is where the Great Uprising began, and both during the War of Independence and during the Civil War, the city was important for all sides. Here you will find many historical sites that intersect with the modern buildings. The famous NASCAR Hall of Fame can also be found here – for all those who are fans of American motorsports. Of course, Charlotte is also home to some of the best barbecue restaurants in the state, which are worthy of North Carolina barbecue.

Raleigh is home to many exciting museums and the nightlife here is particularly characterized by the music and the melting pot that North Carolina is. In addition to many historical sights, there are events of all kinds that can be observed throughout the year. So the two metropolises are above all a good change from the relaxation in nature that you can also experience in North Carolina.